New Partnership Will Help Cities Create Safer, Healthier Places

The IWBI and National League of Cities collaboration will focus on the development of strategies, tools, and resources that will enable city leaders to navigate in a post-COVID-19 world.

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and the National League of Cities (NLC) has formed a multi-year partnership focused on supporting cities in their efforts to create safer, healthier spaces and help accelerate systems change to integrate health and well-being across the foundation of their communities.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to join with the National League of Cities to play our part to support and empower cities across the country and make progress toward our shared vision that everyone has the opportunity to live the healthiest version of their lives,” said Rachel Gutter, IWBI President and CEO. “This is a pivotal moment to embrace strong collaborative engagements, especially as we think about the future of our cities and the critical role they play in enhancing, improving, and protecting human health.”

healthy cities
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The partnership will focus on collaborating on the development of strategies, tools, and resources that will enable city leaders to effectively navigate in a post-COVID-19 world. Developed to support the implementation of city-scale actions, the effort will help cities demonstrate leadership in advancing health, well-being, and social equity in everything from municipal buildings to public spaces and from programs to policies.

“NLC is excited about this collaboration and the opportunity to work closely with IWBI to broaden access to healthy community solutions and to create stronger cities, towns and villages,” said Clarence Anthony, CEO and Executive Director, NLC. “By working together, we can support municipalities and continue to help drive innovative solutions that we all need more than ever, especially right now as local leaders confront the COVID-19 public health crisis – and as they plan for the future.”

The two organizations will host joint events to educate, activate, and inspire city leaders, bringing their perspective and insight to the forefront, while also forging new opportunities to better achieve population health and health equity goals of cities across the country. In the coming months, NLC, with IWBI’s support, will onboard a dedicated fellow to work directly with NLC’s community of city leaders and to help establish an advisory group populated by city leaders, design practitioners, urban planners, corporate executives, and public health researchers to contribute feedback on health-promoting strategies that can be applied at the city scale.

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