2021 SOLUTIONS: J-Series Restroom Dispensers From Coastwide Professional

Coastwide Professional introduced its J-Series dispenser line in 2020. Susan Scapparone, director of product development there, discusses these products and other solutions for facilities’ janitorial needs.

The recent issue of Facility Executive magazine included a selection of the latest products and services for facility management professionals in a SOLUTIONS 2021 feature. Below is the Q&A from that December 2020 article with Coastwide Professional, a brand offering restroom dispensers, cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools, towels and tissue, and more. We continued the conversation with the company — you can listen to by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series Dispenser Line

restroom dispensers
Coastwide Professional™ J-Series Roll Towel Dispenser

Facility Executive: What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2021?
Coastwide Professional offers industrial-grade products and a unique systems approach that make day-to-day facility management cleaning easier for facilities and operational managers. The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series dispenser line is a comprehensive, cross-category line of products that keeps facilities clean and well-stocked so janitorial staff can operate efficiently.

The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series restroom dispenser line debuted in 2020. It currently features a Roll Towel and Bath Tissue unit, and new in December 2020 was the introduction of the Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

The company’s Roll Towel and Bath Tissue unit each are built for intuitive use by guests and easy maintenance for janitorial staff, and designed to modernize any restroom. The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series Roll Towel unit (shown here) allows customization of consumption while the Bath Tissue Dispenser holds two rolls for typical office needs or a medium traffic restroom. And, a four-roll unit provides maximum capacity usage at convention centers or large stadium venues. Each includes a sliding door to minimize contamination. The Soap Dispenser product uses high-capacity 1,200 ml soap refills and can control the amount of soap dispensed for each guest to reduce waste.

restroom dispensers
Coastwide Professional™ J-Series Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The new Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (shown here) is a wall-mountable manual dispenser that comes with mounting hardware, uses high-capacity 1,200 ml refills, and is featured in white with a gloss finish. The unit has a clear front window and red low battery warning light to help janitorial staff easily identify how much hand sanitizer is left and when to replace the battery.

Coming in Fall 2021, Coastwide Professional is releasing its Air Care timed aerosol dispenser to purify restroom air and remove foul odors. The unit is built using premium quality materials for long-term services and features a clock/sleep setting to properly time spray intervals with the amount of spray desired at different times of the day.

Facility Executive: How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?
The Coastwide Professional™ J-Series line of restroom dispensers allows facility managers to better manage their inventory and replenishment time. Coastwide Professional implements organizational design using a simple systems approach. Each product has easy-to-follow bilingual instructional graphics for convenient loading and set up. By using clear communication and functional cues, it takes the guesswork out of cleaning and provides invaluable time, labor, and cost savings so a facility’s custodial staff can be more efficient with any cleaning job.

In a follow up interview, Susan Scapparone, director of product development at the company, provided further insight into the J-Series Dispenser Line and other solutions Coastwide Professional provides for janitorial needs in a wide variety of facilities. Click below to listen to this brief conversation.