2021 SOLUTIONS: ScanSeries App Suite From BuildingReports

BuildingReports brought together its SecurityScan and SafetyScan inspection and reporting apps to offer ScanSeries, focused on both security assets and cleaning and disinfection efforts. Dwight Will, vice president, sales & marketing at the company, shares an overview.

The recent issue of Facility Executive magazine included a selection of the latest products and services for facility management professionals in a SOLUTIONS 2021 feature. Below is the Q&A from that December 2020 article with BuildingReports, an industry leader in fire and life safety mobile inspection and web-based compliance reporting technology. We continued the conversation with the company — you can listen by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.


Facility Executive: What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2021?
BuildingReports’ ScanSeries mobile application suite includes two inspection and reporting apps that provide unique advantages to service companies and facility management professionals in addressing two major challenges going into 2021.BuildingReports

SecurityScan and SafetyScan from BuildingReports provide verifiable inspection, preventative maintenance, and service documentation for critical facility assets and is used to deliver interactive web-based reporting services. The ScanSeries suite of mobile inspection applications leverages a point-and-scan barcoding system for asset-level inspections, adhering with all codes and standards established by bodies such as the NFPA, ICC, OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA.

At a facility level, management teams can view device history with a simple scan, see and manage service schedules, budget based on historical data, and easily produce objective evidence of compliance as needed. From an organizational level, stakeholders across the globe can see the status of every facility in their database at a glance, drill down to important details, and access critical system intelligence for performance management.

BuildingReports’ ScanSeries mobile application suite includes two inspection and reporting apps that address two major challenges in 2021.

Facility Executive: How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?
Recent developments have created unique challenges for facility executives over the past year. First, as of August 13, 2020, the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act banned the use of devices and components from five major manufacturers in federal agency and critical infrastructure facilities. Second, businesses are also working hard to re-open and stay open due to COVID-19 with aggressive cleaning and safety efforts.

With SecurityScan, impacted facilities are able to manage a comprehensive database of assets containing device-level insights regarding the buildings impacted, manufacturer, model number, and the physical location in each facility. For those unable to positively identify the quantity and location of the banned devices in their facilities, SecurityScan can assist moving forward in 2021, and with similar situations as they arise in the future.

With new COVID-related features in SafetyScan, facility management professionals can track and report sanitization and disinfection efforts. In addition, the added level of oversight and scrutiny is a boost in improving employee and customer confidence in those efforts. Using LiveArchive labels, facility managers can even improve peace of mind by providing access to these reports using QR code stickers for one-click touchless access to reports.

In a follow-up interview, Dwight Wills, vice president, sales & marketing for BuildingReports, provided further insight into how the company helps facilities with inspection and reporting, and about the ScanSeries mobile suite of applications. Click below to listen to this brief conversation.