New Portable Sinks From T&S Brass

T&S Brass and Bronze Works is offering improved access to handwashing with its line of new portable stainless steel sinks.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works is making handwashing easier and more accessible with a line of new portable sinks designed to provide handwashing capabilities in areas not normally equipped for it.

handwashingThe durable stainless steel sinks are safe for both indoor and outdoor use and available in a variety of configurations to accommodate various applications.

Choose from options that connect to available water lines or carry onboard fresh water and include a foot-activated water pump for complete “off-grid” use.

Waste water tanks support installations without access to existing drains, and sink models are available with manual faucets or hands-free electronic sensor faucets to further boost hygiene.

“With the increased focus on the importance of good hand hygiene, more and more facilities are looking for ways to offer handwashing access beyond just the restrooms,” said Eva-Marie Fox, vice president of marketing for T&S. “These sinks provide an easy way for schools, offices, stadiums and public venues of any kind to provide that convenience while creating an important visual reminder to regularly wash up.”

Flat-packed for convenient shipping and storage, the portable sinks feature quick and easy assembly and setup. The sinks feature an open back for easy access to plumbing, and a removable front panel provides alternate access for sinks placed against a wall.

Available accessories for all models include a backsplash to hold paper towels and soap or swivel casters for mobility and ease of transport.

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