Avoid The Perils Of Parallel Security Systems With A Unified Access Control Solution

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry seamlessly unifies video management and access control.

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Are you living in a parallel universe? Not the science fiction kind, but the security ecosystem kind where your video management and access control systems run in parallel while talking to each other. Chances are that to some degree you do. Integration between systems, after all, is nothing new. But parallel generally means separate—as in separate interfaces, separate management, separate maintenance. So, the question you should ask yourself is whether this type of integration is best for your business. Or can you do better?

AXIS security access control
Mitch Mershon, Business Development Manager, End-to-End Solutions, Axis Communications, Inc.

Systems that run in parallel often translate to higher costs, more labor, and more vendor interactions. Running in parallel tends to get complicated, and sometimes risky, especially as you get into issues like system updates and cybersecurity. And it leaves your operators feeling like they’re in a ping pong match—bouncing from one system to another and back again—as they try to keep your facility secure.

Now, there’s a better way: AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. It’s a real game changer for all types of facilities managing video surveillance and access control. We recently talked with Mitch Mershon, Business Development Manager, End-to-End Solutions, Axis Communications, Inc., about this new, all-in-one solution and how it can truly help businesses who currently rely on disparate systems to get things done.

Stepping Up To A Scalable, Unified Solution

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry streamlines security operations by unifying video surveillance and access control into one solution that uses a common interface. Operators can see a complete overview of their security ecosystem in a single pane. This is a major departure from traditional mix-and-match systems where operators would typically be running two separate pieces of software.

In contrast, AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry lets operators centrally view and control network cameras and door controllers, verify alarms, and handle user permissions with intuitive drop and drag ease. For integrators, the unified interface allows you to configure all the door controllers and cameras in a facility from one central location. This ensures you can get the customer’s security ecosystem up and running more quickly.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry comes preloaded in AXIS Camera Station, a robust and scalable video management software designed to give you full control over your entire security operation. In addition to cameras and door controllers, AXIS Camera Station supports network speakers and video door stations.

“By embedding AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry into AXIS Camera Station, you get a robust platform on which to build a seamless security system,” says Mershon. “Not only do you now have a validated, reliable end-to-end solution from Axis Communications, you have a solution that can support up to 10,000 users each with five credentials. In addition, the system can support up to 128 doors per server. So, there’s plenty of room to expand down the road.”

How can AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry directly benefit users? It can simplify operations, expedite multi-layer credentialing, and efficiently manage the solution’s update cycle—something that can be a headache with legacy systems.

Simplifying Operations

A unified solution offers numerous advantages for integrators and users alike. Integrators will appreciate the simplicity of set up with AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. Instead of a dedicated interface for each door controller, you now have one central platform on which to configure all the networked controllers. Users will appreciate the greater sense of security that comes from being able to pull reports from door controllers and video cameras from the same window. This allows you to easily and quickly verify who went through which door and when.

“With integrated security systems, there’s always a chance the camera and door controller clocks don’t match up, which can be problematic when reconciling logs for investigations and forensic evidence,” says Mershon. “With AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, the clock is always in sync, so there’s no dispute.”

Layering Multiple Credentials

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry gives users plenty of options when it comes to assigning user permissions and controlling access. You can designate who may enter and exit through which doors, at what times, and with which type of identification. The system logs every entrance and departure, and it even triggers an alarm if someone improperly uses a door such as leaving it propped open.

AXIS security access control“The enormous flexibility that AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry offers facility managers is especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic when companies are staggering schedules and limiting building occupancy to maintain social distancing,” explains Mershon. “You can even assign limited access to vendors and service providers on an ad hoc basis because adding and deleting credentials is so simple to do.”

An intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to set up access rules such as schedules, locations, and credentials and quickly change access rights as needed to keep the building secure. Administrators can place users into predefined groups to speed up the credentialling process. Equally important, they can instantly disable a permission—such as when an employee leaves the company or loses their keycard—by simply clicking on the person’s name to delete them from the system. Or they can deactivate the user’s old pin code or keycard and assign them a new one.

Ending Update Conflicts

One of the biggest drawbacks of systems running in parallel is managing the update cycle. In a non-unified solution there’s always the risk that updating firmware or adding a new feature in one system could break the connection with another.

“With a unified, end-to-end solution from Axis, all the systems are designed to pull together,” says Mershon. “So, when you install a new version of firmware, update the software, or add new cybersecurity measures, the update cascades across the entire solution. All the connections between Axis devices remain intact. Every new change works because all the software is designed and tested under the same roof.”

A unified solution from Axis not only eliminates the finger pointing if a problem arises, it assures expedited resolution. With one phone call, an integrator or facility manager has access to our award-winning technical support team with deep knowledge about every product in our portfolio. We offer a full range of services from assistance in installation, design, and customization to introductory and advanced training classes, webinars, and an extensive online knowledge base. It’s all part of our commitment to helping customers maximize the benefits from their technology investment.

Unifying And Simplifying Security

With AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry at the core of your security solution you remove many of the perils found in running integrated but parallel video management and access control systems. No more update conflicts and broken links between systems. No more troubleshooting tension between vendors. When you invest in AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, there’s only one company to call for complete end-to-end service and support.

With one simple, intuitive interface, you can configure, oversee, manage, update, and maintain all your Axis security devices. And with one industry-leading company standing behind it all, you can feel confident your facility and people are well-protected, now and in the future.

To learn how AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry can help unify your security universe, check it out, or contact an Axis technology integrator near you.

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