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Chairman of EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives forms new company to provide safer, cleaner IAQ

Advanced NPBI air cleaning technology kills COVID-19

Boston Air Solutions set to provide safer, cleaner indoor air quality through needlepoint bipolar ionization and real-time monitoring.
Boston Air Solutions set to provide safer, cleaner indoor air quality through needlepoint bipolar ionization and real-time monitoring.

RJ Valentine, founder of EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives® and its EvaClean® system, has now introduced Boston Air Solutions (BAS). He recognized the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement, particularly as a strategic weapon against COVID, to restore building wellness and re-instill confidence as the world returns to work, school, and life in the new normal.air cleaning

As Chief Executive Officer, Valentine tapped a team of experienced business leaders with Steven Wilson as Chief Operating Officer and Alex Biljic as Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Together, they formed a strategic partnership with Curtis Stout, HVAC specialists, and identified a needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) air cleaning technology as the solution to killing COVID-19 in the air.

“We’re offering the most advanced NPBI system available anywhere. Our mission is to provide building owners and managers with a cost efficient way to make indoor air clean and safe to breathe,” said Valentine.

The three primary contributors to IAQ are particulates, odors, and pathogens. Airborne transmission of coronavirus is now driving inordinate demand for air cleaning technologies that are effective against pathogens. The NPBI technology BAS offers is a plasma generator with a precise electronic charge that creates a field of negative and positive ions, which react with water vapor and oxygen to form free radicals that safely neutralize odors, minimize harmful particulates, and kill pathogens. Unlike ultra violet light (UVL) technologies, the ions produced by NPBI are able to travel long distances and clean the air far from the physical location of the plasma generator. However, one of the most critical selling points for NPBI is that the process produces no ozone, which is extremely harmful to humans.

Another key component of IAQ is monitoring. The BAS Air Safety Monitor uses proprietary sensor technologies to detect and analyze pathogens, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) for real time air quality monitoring and ionization control.

“Our goal is to provide air quality guidance, streamline the process, and optimize the benefits buildings will realize from our turnkey solution,” said Steve Wilson.

The benefits of the expert consultation BAS provides, combined with NPBI and monitoring technologies, are numerous. Beyond creating a healthier environment, the system will lower labor and equipment costs, save on energy consumption, reduce illnesses and absenteeism, and increase productivity. To help make occupants feel more comfortable, BAS also offers a Custom Communications Toolkit so building owners can let people know they’ve taken proactive steps to keep everyone safe.

“We anticipate rapid expansion and installation of this critical COVID-killing NPBI technology in buildings throughout New England, and soon, across the country,” said Alexander Biljic.

Advanced air cleaning is now a priority, along with surface disinfection and other necessary environmental hygiene protocols. The world will not feel safe returning to offices, schools, restaurants, gyms, or even hospitals unless every precaution has been taken to ensure the things we touch and the air we breathe is clean and disinfected.


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