TOOaPICNIC Lounge Collection

Arcadia line of benches, two-seat booths, and individual private seating is inspired by the picnic table

TOOaPICNIC from Arcadia is a modern collection of single and two-person lounge options. Low and high back panels provide as much or as little privacy as needed, and double occupancy styles include an integrated table that blends seamlessly into the base to give the series its signature look.

loungeThe TOOaPICNIC collection of benches, two-seat booths, and individual private lounge seating is inspired by the classic picnic table. Licensed from the Dutch label TOOtheZOO, the collection’s defining characteristic is an angled wood frame that extends outward from the center of each model at a 45° angle, creating an A-frame-like appearance that’s both minimalistic and dramatic.

This comprehensive offering not only provides the flexibility of choice, but enables a spectrum of uses that include touch-down sessions, one-on-one visits, and group collaboration, while also serving as a work pod for individual focused activities. Regardless of the task at hand, each model offers comfort within a compact footprint.

This duality is particularly evident on two-seat models, where the legs extend to support a communal table between the two seats. Center wood support beams are also intentionally left exposed.lounge

The full collection includes light-scale two-seat bench booths available with or without backrests, two-seat lounge booths and single lounge models, both offered with varying back and side panel options to achieve different levels of privacy. Two-seat and three-seat open benches (60″ W and 72″ W) round-out the series and feature the same wood leg design as their booth and single lounge counterparts for continuity throughout spaces.

loungeConfiguration capabilities include back-to-back compositions within open plan spaces, linear arrangements to create ancillary seating along walls or in corridors, as well as paired, opposing or individual placement in any number of environments. Legs and frame are offered in solid white oak in all standard and custom finishes, while table top surface options include white oak veneer or laminate, with an exposed plywood edge. A variety of power/data options, including a table-mount option, allow users to stay charged and connected.

“Sometimes the simplest precedents can create the most meaningful expressions,” says Tammie Alciatore, Arcadia Director of Marketing. “The familiarity and fond memories associated with picnicking make for a welcoming solution that brings people together naturally.”


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