Fast Start Program to Reduce Water Use

As part of its “30 Days to Save” marketing campaign, Apana delivers a solution for meeting water sustainability and business goals

Apana, Water Efficiency as a Service™ provider, announced a new “Fast Start” option in response to the worsening water crisis in the Southwest U.S. and increased water conservation interest by organizations worldwide. The Fast Start Program, an option for businesses that need to reduce their water use now, consists of everything needed to start reducing water consumption within weeks, including a series of clamp-on smart sensors and meters with state-of-the-art analytics. This enables real-time, minute-by-minute water insights and actionable information at the frontline to quickly act on detected waste. The Program also includes Apana’s dashboards, reporting, and BI tools.Reduce Water Use

“It’s no secret the West is in the midst of the worst water crisis, but what is a secret is how companies can quickly reduce water use and water waste without spending a ton of money or disrupting current business and operational processes,” said Don Lanham, Apana’s VP of Sales. “During these unprecedented times, we realized we could do something to immediately help those organizations scrambling to achieve environmental related compliance, minimize the impact of increasing water prices, and save money without affecting current operating levels.”

The Apana Fast Start option includes everything organizations need to start reducing water consumption within weeks (vs. months).

The Fast Start option is a quick start kit under the Company’s new “30 Days to Save” Marketing campaign. The kit contains four ultrasonic clamp-on smart water meters, one Apana LiNK Transceiver for each meter, and one Apana LiNK Gateway, centrally managed through an easy-to-use dashboard. Customers can also add measuring points as needed, making it suitable for any building, production plant, or institution in need of real-time, minute-by-minute water insights and waste alerts without disrupting current water-using processes. Apana’s smart water management solution also provides step-by-step instructions for detected waste events, resulting in the reduction of unnecessary consumption while reducing unplanned downtime of equipment and process lines.

“Our customers in a range of industries use real-time water data as leading indicators for process and business performance. In many cases, managers’ bonuses are tied to meeting water efficiency objectives, especially important in today’s drought conditions,” added Matt Rose, CEO and Founder of Apana. “We’re proud to create a quick entry product to help organizations immediately capture business and sustainability benefits at a price point they can afford.”


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