Extended Drop Automatic Door Bottom

Legacy Manufacturing’s model #7793 is for doors with an excessive undercut or uneven floor

The Extended Drop Automatic Door Bottom (ADB) (#7793) from Legacy Manufacturing solves two common problems. The integrated design features a unique sloped top casing to slough off rainwater and prevent pooling on top of the housing in external use, and also simplifies installation by eliminating the need for adding a separate rain drip part to the door bottom.Automatic Door Bottom

By providing a self-leveling door seal up to a maximum 1.5″ drop, deeper than the typical ADBs, the unit also compensates drop differentials found in door installations with large gradients or slope conditions on one side of the door, and the deeper drop is also useful where floor services may be degraded by weather exposure. The deeper drop allows smooth door function in spite these conditions, which can otherwise cause door bottoms to drag and stick. Adjusting the brass nut changes pressure on the concealed internal spring to satisfy field conditions.

The Extended Drop Automatic Door Bottom is available in three models: with closed cell sponge neoprene, neoprene bulb, or neoprene bulb and jacket. Supplied with one pair of end caps, it comes in any length from 12″ to 96″; in Clear Anodized Aluminum, Matte Black powder-coat, or White powder-coat; and with optional security fasteners.


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