Mezzanine Safeti-Gates Extends Automation Options

Options for power, remote operation, and tracking have been extended through the company's full line of pallet drop safety gates. 

Due to demand for increased automation in material handling, distribution, and manufacturing facilities, Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. has extended options for power, remote operation, and tracking through its full line of pallet drop safety gates. An innovator of pallet drop safety gates that provide fall protection for employees working on elevated areas, the company has created new configurations that work within the flow of a facility’s applications, offer no-touch environments and work with custom engineered designs.

pallet drop safety gatesFor example, custom Rack Supported Roly safety gates were supplied for use in a customer’s freezer environment that features very tight bays into which a crane loaded and unloaded pallets. The system features full length gates that extend from the mezzanine deck to the top of the bay, and covered with metal mesh to keep employees from getting their hands too close to the crane while it’s operating. The custom gates are powered with a specialty motor that includes a heating element to operate properly in the cold environment. The power allows the safety gates to integrate with the customer’s AS/RS system and track material throughout the process.

“Speed to get product to consumers and employee safety are at the high priorities of our customers, and as a result we’re seeing an increasing demand for power operation and remote control of our pallet drop gates,” said Aaron Conway, president of Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. “Our team has worked on many new ways to make it easier to integrate safety at pallet drop areas into the automated systems our customers are using, as well as bring power to safety gates that have been operating in facilities for years.”

Safety gates can be equipped with a range of commercial electric motors, sensors and remote controls, depending on the technology systems used in the facility. All options are configured so that when the ledge gate is up, the rear gate is down protecting workers from the ledge as material is loaded or unloaded into the drop area. When complete, the ledge gate is signaled to close and the rear gate will open to provide access to the material while a barrier protects employees from the ledge.

Used in thousands of locations throughout the world, the dual, counterbalanced gate systems offered by Mezzanine Safeti-Gates create controlled access areas that meet the ANSI standard requirements for fall protection in pallet drop areas, as well as OSHA and IBC fall protection codes. All safety gate designs are available in single and double wide pallet widths, and can be customized to accommodate specific pallet widths, depths and heights. All models, including safety gates for the loading dock and lifts, are available in powder coated mild steel or electro-polished stainless steel.