FreshAir Smoking Detection System Monitors Tobacco, Marijuana Smoking

The FreshAir Smoking Detection System monitors, immediately detects, and proves tobacco and marijuana smoking in hotel guest rooms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased concerns about cleanliness, often expressed by sensitivity to the presence of cigarette smoke and residual odors in hotel guest rooms. The FreshAir Smoking Detection System helps reassure guests of the cleanliness of hotels by monitoring for, immediately detecting, and proving tobacco smoking and marijuana smoking.

smoking detectionThe FreshAir Smoking Detection System helps hotel operators enforce no-smoking policies, protect infrastructure investments, secure cleaning fees, and avoid chargebacks. FreshAir sensors alert hotel management that a customer is smoking in a room from the first cigarette, so the need for a lengthy and costly remediation process is eliminated, and so too is the risk of significant dissatisfaction among neighboring and subsequent guests.

The FreshAir devices are WiFi enabled, allowing them to notify hotel staff immediately of smoking incidents or of tampering with the device. As a result, staff can stop someone from smoking after one cigarette, limiting damage to the room and eliminating the risk of widespread customer dissatisfaction. By continually protecting no-smoking areas in real time, these advanced smoking detection devices dramatically reduce the need for remediation and alleviate customer concerns about cleanliness and keep customers loyal to the hotel’s brand.

Unlike typical smoke detectors which use light or radiation to detect general particles (dust, smoke, steam, etc.), FreshAir sensors are capable of detecting specific molecules in tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke. What’s more, the molecularly imprinted polymer that forms the sensor resets following smoking detection, thus enabling continued monitoring without additional upkeep.

With their patented PolySens® technology, FreshAir devices detect and prove smoking in unauthorized areas. These tamper-resistant devices and cloud-based monitoring platform are designed to prevent efforts to defeat detection, helping to protect no-smoking areas in real time.

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