STI Releases New Clock/Bell Damage Stoppers® Protective Wire Cages

Durable cages protect against vandalism and damage for wall-mounted elements.

Safety Technology International (STI) announced their new Clock/Bell Damage Stopper protective wire cages. These cages help ensure clocks, bells and more are protected against vandalism and damage.

STI Clock-Bell Damage Stoppers protective wire cages

Constructed of 9-gauge, tough steel wire in a sturdy, octagon shape, the guards can withstand intentional or accidental impact from basketballs, hockey pucks and more, making them extremely difficult to break. The web-like shaped guards are coated with corrosion-resistant polyester in a variety of colors, but may also be painted prior to installation to match décor.

These guards come in multiple sizes, making it easy to cover a wide range of units. Installation and removal are fast and easy with supplied anchors and screws, while also making it simple to service or perform routine maintenance when needed. For added security, tamper-resistant hardware (screws and bits) are available.

Clock/Bell Damage Stoppers protective wire cages are meant for use in an indoor, controlled environment, and are not intended for outdoor use. As with all STI protective covers, the cages are backed by a three-year guarantee against breakage in normal use.

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