Flex Tube SE RGB Flexible Lighting System from Acclaim Lighting

The 12-story Complexe Guy-Favreau building, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, features a flexible lighting system for custom, lit designs.

A new, flexible lighting system on the ceiling of the Complexe Guy-Favreau atrium now welcomes guests, employees and residents at the 12-story building located in the heart of downtown Montreal. The architecture of the complex blends with the surrounding cityscape by combining elements of the local business district on its north side with the Oriental flair of nearby Chinatown. Most noteworthy is the dramatic atrium with its extensive 55’ mirror ceiling. After being in service for more than 35 years, the atrium lighting was overdue for a makeover.

Complexe Guy-Favreau Flexible Lighting SystemAfter extensive research and testing, the engineering and design team identified Flex Tube SE RGB from Acclaim Lighting, based in Los Angeles, CA. Flex Tube SE RGB is a side emitting, outdoor rated, flexible color-changing LED tube. Its tri-color RGB LEDs cover nearly every possible color combination required to meet the needs of the Complexe Guy-Favreau. The durable Flex Tube SE RGB has an outdoor IP68 rating and resists impact, UV and saltwater. It is available in custom lengths and consumes only 3.75 watts per linear foot with an opal lens for direct view look without any visible diodes. Under the programmed conditions, the Flex Tube LEDS will have a 200,000-hour performance life.

Flexible Lighting System

Complexe Guy-Favreau Flexible Lighting System RedFlex Tube SE RGB is easily controlled with the AL Driver 800, a multi-protocol, 800W driver for low-voltage LED products. The input control protocols include DMX, RDM, 0-10V and DALI; and features 24V DC / PWM output for maximum flexibility with your front-end control preferences. In this application, DMX was used and each of the 10 outputs were individually addressed to obtain maximum programming flexibility.

For the Complexe Guy-Favreau project, AL Driver 800 is supported by the Aria Wireless DMX system to control Flex Tube LEDS, as well as other specified DMX fixtures. Using the Aria Wireless DMX system allowed for considerable cost savings for the entire project. Due to its open protocol functionality, it also manages data distribution for the entire installation.

The Aria transceiver is encased in an IP66 housing and can act as either the sending or receiving point with up to 16 channels on the 2.4 GHz band. The internal wireless radio features both automatic networking and signal routing optimization to ensure the best possible reception of DMX data. Its 5dB, omni-directional antenna provides transmission up to 2600’ line of sight and 300’ between obstructions and walls. Installed in a Federal Government building, it was specified for its highly secure AES 128-bit data encryption ability.

The atrium ceiling display includes 398 Flex Tube SE RGB units. Each unit is custom built to a one meter in length. The Flex Tube SE RGB units are mapped out into 66 groups withing six sections ranging from one to seven units in a “V” formation to create dynamic lighting displays. The 66 groups are precisely controlled to illuminate a specific pattern throughout the year.

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