American Lighting Releases DMX Tunable CCT Controllers

The new Tunable CCT controllers provide enhanced customization with DMX control.

American Lighting introduced three DMX controls to its extensive line of lighting system accessories. The Tunable CCT controllers offer color temperature control at the push of the button for fast and accurate adjustments to transform the look and feel of a room with customizable lighting. While variable white controls can adjust from 2700K to 6000K, RGB+TW and RGBW options offer built-in presets and the option to create scenes, adjust brightness, and synchronize patterns for limitless lighting possibilities.

The new additions include:

In-Wall DMX Tunable CCT Controller – The programmable DMX Wall Control provides cool white, neutral white, and warm white CCT shortcuts with four zone and four scene keys for simplified control. This in-wall controller is compatible with DMX decoders and wireless DMX transceivers while offering smart app capabilities.

DMX RGB+TW Control and DMX RGBW Control – RGB+TW and RGBW controllers provide auto play function with 16 modes for color mixing and brightness control with RGB+ and RGB Tunable CCT shortcuts. With the ability to fit in a single gang junction box, the in-wall controller is compatible with DMX decoders and wireless DMX transceivers, while offering smart app capabilities.

Wireless DMX Transceiver – Supporting point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication, the DMX Signal Transceiver transfers DMX512 protocol wirelessly with 2.4 gigahertz frequency. With a required 5-24 DC input and auxiliary DMX controller, the transceiver offers an uninterrupted control distance of 350M and works with both CTRL-WDMX series controls and DMX decoders. The Wireless DMX Transceiver can fuse relay settings or connect to a booster antenna.

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