Toposens Launches Industrial Grade 3D Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance Sensor

Munich-based high-tech startup has released its 3D Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor ECHO ONE for mobile robots.

Toposens announced the launch of its first commercial Toposens 3D Collision Avoidance System for mobile robots based on the proprietary Toposens 3D ultrasonic echolocation technology.

Addressing the unmet need for higher safety of mobile robots in industrial settings, the Toposens 3D Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor Echo One® and Toposens processing unit with filters for 3D collision avoidance is now available, having been run through commercial testing in real-life industrial scenarios with reputable mobile robotic companies. This kind of “co-developing” of a high-tech product together with leading tech firms ensures the highest levels of performance for the commencing serial deployment.

Based on the principle of echolocation as seen in bats, Toposens Echo One® compensates the drawbacks of optical sensors through sound-based triangulation in combination with sophisticated noise-filtering software. This in turn delivers robust 3D data output in real-time for each obstacle detected within the fully adjustable warn and stop zones.

The sensor sends the obtained data (echo reflections perceived by three microphones) in a 3D point cloud format to the Toposens processing unit which is equipped with an easy-to-configure advanced 3D collision avoidance software.

From there, depending on which 3D zone violations are detected, the Toposens processing unit triggers either a “slow down” or “stop” command to the mobile robot’s CPU. When no zone violations are detected, the mobile robot drives on.

With the autonomous vehicle industry growing and mobile robots, such as automated forklifts, AMRs, and AGVs, experiencing exponential growth levels, the safety of humans and machines is kept at the forefront of manufacturing efforts. The market has come to realize that 3D collision avoidance is a necessity since the obligatory 2D safety LiDARs can only deliver two-dimensional data output not matching the highest safety needs.

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