Aiphone’s Aluminum Towers Enhance Perimeter Security

The new one-piece, lightweight aluminum security towers are designed to protect large, outdoor commercial spaces.

Aiphone announced the launch of aluminum towers. The new TW-SE and TW-SA are one-piece towers that are easier and cost-effective to ship and install due to their lightweight material.

Emergency towers are an essential layer of perimeter security for many campus settings.    Strategic placement of emergency towers and wall boxes can deter crime in areas that are harder to monitor and be a visual indicator that assistance is easy to reach. Popular in areas such as campuses, parking lots, malls, or courtyards, emergency towers can be accessed 24/7 and easily found as the beacon is always lit.

The TW-SE aluminum tower is marked with large “EMERGENCY” lettering and the TW-SA aluminum tower is marked with large “ASSISTANCE” lettering. Both are used for housing IX Series emergency stations and offer emergency call applications. The towers are powder-coated blue, they include a blue beacon that strobes during emergency calls, and they have reflective lettering on three sides. The TW-SE and TW-SA are one-of-a-kind solutions as they consist of aluminum material which is more lightweight than steel counterparts. Since the towers are a single piece, they only require one part number, simplifying the ordering process.

These compact aluminum towers consist of a peer-to-peer design that uses existing infrastructure. The towers feature a scalable system with unlimited emergency capability and integrate with key platforms including access control, VMS, NVR, paging, and network cameras. Independent of network availability, the towers can be accessed even in extreme weather situations.

Used primarily in campus settings, including educational, healthcare, and government institutions, emergency towers can help protect those on campus during emergency events. When emergencies occur, or assistance is needed, compact aluminum towers are a useful addition to an existing comprehensive security portfolio.

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