3 Fire And Life Safety Products To Overcome Challenging Installations

When designing and installing a fire and life safety system a variety of challenges can exist. Here are 3 innovative products that meet the demands of these difficult applications.

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fire and life safetyFire and life safety systems are required by code in all facilities, regardless of size, shape, or permanency. Yet some of these installations can pose challenges due to the age of a retrofit installation, the structure of the building or the sensitivity of property you’re looking to protect. To mitigate these issues, NOTIFIER has a suite of system solutions to keep people and property protected.

fire and life safety
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1. Wireless Devices

Wireless technology is available for those hard to wire applications. Weather it be a historic building where the existing architecture cannot be disrupted or protecting temporary structures during the construction processes NOTIFIER offers a full line of SWIFT wireless devices that integrate seamlessly with a wired system. This provides flexibility in installations where some areas need traditional wired devices, and others are better suited for wireless technology.

2. Advanced Detection And Very Early Warning Technology

Protecting people and property can becoming increasingly difficult in buildings where chemicals are being used, or in challenging environments where the tampering of smoke detectors can be pose a threat. In these situations, NOTIFIER provides a full line of advanced detection technology, designed to sense smoke or chemicals in the air before traditional smoke detectors are triggered. An “Aspirating Smoke Detector” or Air Sampling Device (ASD) actively evaluates the air in a protected space by drawing the air through a sampling port and carried through a pipe network to a main device that samples for smoke, foreign particles, gases, or fumes. The use of the sampling port lessens the risk of tampering or disarming a smoke detector, which could put a facility at risk and the air sampling device can be fully tested and inspected from the main device. This eliminates the need for testing every detector individually

3. Bi-Directional Amplification (BDA)

fire and life safetyWhen many people list the fire and life safety devices in a facility they name items like fire panels, smoke detectors, beams detectors and audio visual strobes. What does not always come to mind is the radio frequency coverage within a facility. Newly built facilities are generally designed for energy efficiency. These building materials lower total cost of ownership, but may also impede on the radio frequency coverage within a building. When this coverage is lost, first responders encounter radio dead spots, or lack of radio frequency, within a building which can lead to communication failure with other first responders on scene. NOTIFIER offers one of the industry’s only UL Listed BDA systems designed to boost radio frequency coverage. This coverage is required by code, and necessary to allow for a quick and efficient response to an emergency event.

These are just a few of the challenges that NOTIFIER systems are designed to alleviate. With 70 years of history manufacturing best in class fire and life safety products, and the industry’s best engineered system distributors, NOTIFIER is truly your partner in fire and life safety.

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