3″ Round and Square LED Architectural Luminaires By Kurt Versen

Kurt Versen Company, a Hubbell Lighting brand, has launched its latest LED luminaire, the 3″ Round and Square LED. The discrete 3″ round and square apertures provide the aesthetic appeal of deeply shielded recessed products with all the benefits LED technology offers. It was designed with new and existing ceilings in mind where an architectural grade luminaire is desired.

LED luminaireThe product features Kurt Versen’s patent-pending Universal Installation Plate that accommodates all fixture functions, ensures there will be no disturbance in the ceiling when the luminaire is installed and provides the flexibility to go back and service as needed. It can be easily secured directly to the hard ceiling and accommodates all ceiling types and thickness from 3/8″ to 1 1/2″.

Flush mount installations and options for tile ceilings are also available. For drywall ceiling applications, flush mount achieves a pure aesthetic element by integrating the fixture into the ceiling.

“The 3” Round and Square LED product line gave us the opportunity to present the market with a smaller aperture size without having to sacrifice on options,” said Chris Hogan, vice president, brand management indoor architectural at Hubbell Lighting. “We were determined to offer all the dimming protocols, optical features, and traditional upgrades expected by the architectural design community, and we delivered.”

Both Downlights and Directional Downlights are available in narrow, medium, or wide beam patterns. The downlight and directional downlight optical systems include a primary reflector, fine prismatic diffuser, and lower reflector that collaborate to distribute the beam pattern evenly. Additionally, wall wash products engage a kicker reflector that pushes light close to the ceiling line to create an even distribution with soft illumination.

The Round is offered with a standard specular clear Alzak finish, and the Square is provided with a standard Softglow® clear trim. Softglow is designed to soften the impact of aberrant color effects and striations in the pattern when used with specular surfaces. SoftSheen™ balances brightness concerns while providing a visually pleasing aperture with a semi-diffuse textured pattern. Available colors include black, gold, wheat, and pewter.

Additional Features and Benefits of the 3″ Round and Square LED:

  • 1100 lm, 1500 lm or 2100 lm
  • 83 CRI standard with additional options available
  • 27K, 30K, 35K, 40K
  • Rated at 50,000 hours
  • 0-10V to 10% dimming standard. 1%, 0.1% and Lutron available
  • Zhaga compatible parts that provide opportunity for future service and upgrades from below the ceiling through the aperture
  • Downlights and Directional Downlights available in narrow, medium, or wide distribution

More information on Kurt Versen’s 3″ Round and Square is available online, or download the product brochure.