3D Repro Tool Visualization Software

Chameleon's Technology Allows Users to Design Outdoor Landscapes with Photo-Accurate Results

Visualization software can enhance the user experience, change the way suppliers merchandise their products and expand the user audience. Chameleon Power, a visualization software provider across 2D, 3D, VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality) platforms, has launched next generation visualization technology that enhances outdoor design.visualization software

Based on proprietary Chameleon technology, the 3D Repro™ Tool with MultiView capabilities combines photorealism with a powerful 3D visualizer to assist landscape and hardscape designers through the design process. The 3D Repro software engine allows altering of photograph scenes with 3D products, and the MultiView feature eliminates image prep time, while allowing multiple camera angles for the viewer.

visualization softwareThe MultiView feature creates a panoramic outcome within a series of photos. It allows users to upload a set of photos for a specific design area (i.e. outdoor landscape/hardscape, kitchen, roof) from different perspectives, and different application points. Using the tool, the user can update one photo with a design element, and instantly view this element in the other photos. The user has the ability to view design ideas from the angle at which each photo was taken to ensure maximum visibility of a design space and guarantee that any potential purchases made will fit perfect in the design space.

visualization software“This is a game changer in the visualization and landscape design world,” said Dan Dempsey, President and CEO of Chameleon Power. “Combining photo realism with 3D imagery expands the user audience, enhances the experience for existing projects, and changes the way suppliers merchandise their products…from landscapes and hardscapes to furniture, fixtures, appliances, etc.”

The 3D Repro with MultiView Tool speed up sales conversions by allowing customers to completely design, manipulate, and experience design choices in a life-like digital environment. Chameleon Power technologies increase conversion rates by as much as 75%.