4 Tips On How To Share Your Office Space With Pets

In honor of National Take Your Dog To Work Day, here’s how facility managers can make the office space more welcoming for furry co-workers.

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By National Business Furniture

More offices today are ‘going to the dogs’ as they welcome furry friends into work-from-home spaces as well as a growing number of corporate offices. With nearly 1 in 3 people getting a new pet during the pandemic, many are prioritizing a pet-friendly environment in their career decisions.
That’s good news as pets can help reduce stress and even increase productivity, but there are also health and safety challenges to consider.

In celebration of National Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday, June 24, here are four tips to make office spaces safer and more comfortable furry friends.
1. Consider safety first. Before bringing your pet to any office, scope out your space to ensure that there are some accessible outdoor areas and that there are no potential choking hazards, typically small-in-size, like paper clips or chewable items like pens and pencils.
2. Limit wandering. In shared spaces, consider a gate to keep pets from exploring prohibited places.
3. Add Fido-friendly furnishings. Invest in easy-to-clean office furniture that is scratch and fur resistant, durable and uses fewer seams. Use tightly knit or vinyl fabrics to avoid stains and pulls. Avoid sensitive materials like silk, linen, solid wood or tweed.
4. Stock up on dog treats. Having healthy treats in your office desk drawer offers a clear statement that pets are welcome. Avoid office snacks that could be toxic to your pet like chocolate or Macadamia nuts or almonds.
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  1. And be considerate of employees that may have allergies to pets. Best to leave them at home unless 100% agree that it is acceptable. Also think about your customers.

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