Does Anyone Work 40 Hours A Week Anymore?

Posted by Heidi Schwartzwhoworks40hours

A recent survey by PGi revealed that the traditional 40 hour, 9-to-5 work week is now a thing of the past for the vast majority of American workers. In fact, 71% said they take work home at least one day per week. Rest in peace, 40-hour work week.

  • 88% of survey respondents said they work more than 40 hours per week.
  • 71% said they work more than they prefer.
  • 63% eat lunch at their desks.
  • 61% commute more than 30 minutes each day, with nearly 25% clocking in at over an hour.
  • 60% rely on technology to automate processes to be more productive (calendar apps, project tools, intranets, etc.).
  • Only 16% said they would reduce the number of meetings to improve productivity.

The survey results prompted PGi to launch a campaign, (#TakeBack60) dedicated to providing productivity tips, technology resources, and work/life balance ideas to help workers reclaim 60 minutes from their overworked week.

What will workers do with that extra 60 minutes? According to the survey results:

  • 64% said they would spend more time with family.
  • 64% said they would exercise.
  • 31% would pursue a hobby.
  • 24% would catch up on household chores.
  • 22% would learn or improve a skill.

“As mobile technology evolves and workloads increase, the traditional 40-hour work week is giving way to a new reality for workers: longer hours and increased stress from constant connectivity,” said Sean O’Brien, PGi executive vice president of strategy and communications. “Smart business leaders understand that the most important investment they can make is in their people. We believe that when workers have the tools and tactics they need to work smarter—not harder—they can reclaim time in their week to focus on their families, personal wellness or pursuing a hobby. With more productive and satisfied employees, businesses can unlock the true potential of their human capital investments, including faster innovation, higher growth and market leadership.”

View the full survey results here