5 Cleaning Products For Spotless Buildings

These safe, high-quality cleaning products help create healthier spaces.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2022 Issue

This assortment of safe, high-quality cleaning products can help facility managers create healthier spaces.

Clorox® TurboPro™ Electrostatic Sprayer and Disinfectant Cleaner
by CloroxPro®

The new Clorox TurboPro Electrostatic Sprayer is a cordless, handheld electrostatic sprayer device that is easy and convenient to use for small-to-medium sized spaces and disinfecting jobs. It uses a new Clorox disinfecting solution—the new Clorox TurboPro Disinfectant Cleaner for Sprayer Devices—which is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use through all electrostatic sprayers. Whether using the TurboPro Electrostatic Sprayer or an existing one, TurboPro Disinfectant Cleaner gives users the assurance that they are using a trusted, EPA-registered disinfectant to help maintain confidence in their shared public spaces.Cleaning Products

The Clorox TurboPro Electrostatic Sprayer can be used in high-traffic facilities such as schools, offices, restaurants, retail centers, and commuter transportation systems. The device’s handheld, cordless design combined with proven electrostatic technology offers efficient and effective surface disinfection performance with portability and accuracy.

XMold Pro Protectant featuring Superstratum Smart Polymers
by EarthSafeChemical Alternatives

EarthSafeChemical’s new generation of cleaning solutions are designed to provide industrial and commercial facilities with high levels of safety and sustainability. The XMold Pro Protectant featuring Superstratum Smart Polymers and FlashDry industrial cleaning collection offers products to address many cleaning challenges within commercial verticals, manufacturing, construction, military, government, healthcare, and disaster response.

Cleaning ProductsFlashDry is an all-natural industrial absorbent made from coir, an organic coconut fiber with six times the absorbing power of clay-based products. It is a more sustainable way to clean up oil and chemical spills without the health risks common among other types of absorbents.

XMold Pro inhibits the growth of harmful molds and protects indoor and outdoor surfaces, ideal for preventing water damage or cases of sick building syndrome.  XMold Pro can be applied with any traditional method or with the Protexus® electrostatic sprayers from the EvaClean® disinfection system, which raises efficiency 10-fold while using less product to coat triple the area. The products offer a safer chemistry with an EPA registered mold kill claim and, when followed by EarthSafe’s XMold Pro Protectant, provides a total solution.

PURELL® Healthcare Surface Wipes

GOJO Industries expanded its surface-hygiene portfolio with the launch of PURELL Healthcare Surface Disinfecting Wipes. They offer powerful germ-kill in one-step, hospital-grade surface disinfecting wipes. The ethyl alcohol-based wipes quickly eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and other viruses of concern, including all ESKAPE pathogens, seven of the most common drug-resistant bacteria, and viruses significant to the healthcare environment—including bloodborne pathogens, influenza A, respiratory syncytial virus, and norovirus—in two minutes or less. They also kill the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in 30 seconds.The wipes are FDA Food Code compliant, and are food-contact, no-rinse approved for use on meal trays, over-bed tables, breakrooms, and more.

Cleaning ProductsThe formulation does not contain quats, bleach, fragrances, harsh fumes, or precautionary statements. They are compatible with most hard, nonporous surfaces and electronic devices, as well as touchscreens. Healthcare Surface Wipes earned the EPA’s lowest allowable toxicity rating (Category IV).

Virtu-Clean™ Disposable Cleaning Pads
by Hospeco Brands Group

Hospeco’s Virtu-Clean Disposable Cleaning Pads are disposable, single-use mop pads that hold more liquid, releasing that liquid over a larger surface area and at a controlled rate, and reducing friction for easier cleaning. Virtu-Clean pads come in three types: Virtu-Clean VCU, Virtu-Clean DC, and Virtu-Clean DCS.

Hospeco Brands Group

Virtu-Clean VCU disposable single-use pads are non-quat binding, with embossing for reduced friction and bonded edges to improve performance by greatly reducing linting concerns. Its non-woven backing minimizes lint and keeps cost down.

Virtu-Clean DC disposable pads hold nine times their weight in liquid— to grab maximum cleaning solution for more sanitary and efficient single-use cleaning. They release nearly all that solution onto the floor—or other hard surface—in controlled amounts, eliminating heavy-to-start and thin-to-finish cleaner distribution.Virtu-Clean DCS comes with a built-in scrubber. The scrubber-pad option is for more aggressive cleaning and stain removal and is designed to hold seven times its weight in cleaning fluid.

Although ideal for floor-care applications, the cleaning pads’ core benefits can be applied to cleanrooms and critical environments where the pad contributes to sterilization and decontamination protocols for floors, walls, and ceilings.

PIG® Disinfectant Compatible Disposable Dry Wipers
by New Pig Corporation

New Pig Corporation’s PIG Disinfectant Compatible Disposable Dry Wipers make it easy to add cleaning  solution for disinfectant and sanitizer wipe downs throughout corporate and industrial facilities, grocery stores, vehicles, and more.

PURELL® Healthcare Surface Wipes by GOJOThe Wipers stand up to a broad range of applications, from disinfecting surfaces to everyday cleaning.  They balance toughness, absorbency, and wet strength, and can be used with spray bottles of sanitizers or disinfectants for wiping down surfaces. The low-lint construction won’t shed, pill, or leave behind unwanted fibers when wiping.

The Dry Wipers are designed for use with commercial and professional grade disinfectants, alcohol, bleach, EPA List N disinfectants, cleaners, and sanitizers. Dry Wipers are offered in three packing options: quarter-folded and poly wrapped for easy handling and loading; a convenient pop-up box designed to dispense just one wiper at a time, keeping remaining stock clean and dry; and a large-capacity, center-pull dispenser allowing staff to use just one wiper at a time.