7 Modern Competencies Define Workplace Success In Next Decade

New research from PSI shows key skills for success have changed completely in a reshaped world of work.

Thanks to workplace changes due to COVID-19, digital transformation, and more, competencies that were most valued over the past decade are likely to be overtaken by a new set of skills, according to a new study from PSI. Using feedback from its global clients across a range of roles, company sizes, and industries, PSI identified the top seven competencies from the last decade.

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To predict the new key competencies critical for the reshaped world of work, PSI analyzed emerging themes seen in practice over the last year paired with additional research into the future of work, such as the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work skills report.

These new competencies signify flexibility in how we think, harness digitalization, connect with others, and manage our own well-being. Emphasis on soft skills coupled with an ability to adapt to change and embrace diversity are extremely important in the modern workplace, and PSI expects they will have a huge impact on success in the future of work. Together, they provide a robust foundation for people to adapt to change, ambiguity, and complexity, enabling them to go from surviving to thriving at work.

(Source: PSI)

Competencies stand the test of time in terms of measuring performance at work because they assess and pinpoint actual behaviors that can be measured and developed. With decades of research on work behavior and performance, PSI’s psychologists and behavioral scientists understand the constellation of work competencies that can enable job success.

“Today’s world of work is continuously changing, and this presents a significant challenge for organizations when hiring and managing their most important resource: their people,” said Dan Hughes, Director of International Research and Development at PSI. “Competencies continue to provide a simple, clear, and observable way to determine what ‘good’ looks like in a job and measure performance. Our aim is to help organizations understand which competencies are important to focus on in the post-pandemic workplace so they can look for these skills in tomorrow’s workforce.”

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