New Product Flash: OfficeIQ From Humanscale and Tome Software

workplace wellnessHumanscale, in collaboration with Tome Software, introduces OfficeIQ, a sensor technology operating in a portable box that uses Bluetooth technology to provide office employees insights into their use of sit/stand workstations. Designed to boost user health and productivity — and workplace wellness programs overall, the OfficeIQ units are positioned on or under a height-adjustable work surface, where it then gathers data on sit/stand use, calculates caloric expenditure, and provides users with real-time feedback on their workstation activity. Users can move freely in the workspace and link to any available OfficeIQ sensor.

workplace wellness
OfficeIQ is designed to foster employee health and workplace wellness programs.

OfficeIQ is designed to work with all Humanscale sit/stand workstations, as well as offering a retrofit version any sit/stand workstation on the market.

This week, Humanscale and Tome are presenting new developments to this technology — expanding the product to conference rooms. The sensors can now be affixed to conference or task chair casters to monitor occupancy in conference room settings, potentially impacting the way companies use communal space.

Employees can receive activity scores and alerts with smart sit/stand reminders, while companies can set up teams to create a friendly competition between departments. (A “Don’t be Creepy” data policy protects the individual’s privacy.) In turn, employers receive aggregated data, which enables the facility management team and other stakeholders to track occupancy and utilization rates. A sample dashboard displaying collected data is shown below.

Additional product features include:

  • Software connects to Tome’s WorkDesk platform (Tome Tyton) through Gateway Internet connection. Also compatible with a mobile hotspot if preferred.
  • Multiple sensors ensure accurate data at occupied stations while ultrasonic sensors detect height changes
  • Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and wireless connectivity
  • Notifications available for Mac and PC


workplace wellness