An Option For Backup Power: UPS-as-a-Service

To improve utilization of capital and reduce operating costs associated with electrical infrastructure, mission critical facility operators can deploy Active Power flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products and pay for the solution on a usage basis, potentially eliminating upfront capital expenditures. This can be accomplished through Burland Energy SA UPS-as-a-Service (UPSaaS™) program. The UPSaaS program challenges the conventional approach to purchasing critical backup power equipment by offering conditioned power to customers based on a fixed rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity conditioned by the UPS.

Flywheel systems store kinetic energy (energy of mass in motion) by constantly spinning a compact rotor in a low-friction environment. (Photo: Active Power)

Active Power will sell its UPS products to Burland Energy, deliver and commission products at the UPSaaS™ customer’s site and provide all after-sale services on behalf of Burland Energy. The promotion of the UPSaaS™ program will be coordinated by Active Power and Burland Energy through their existing sales networks.

“UPSaaS™ is a comprehensive power conditioning service,” says Risto Thurén, president, Burland Energy. “UPSaaS is not a traditional product financing program, but a simple extension to the utility bill. Unlike leasing arrangements, UPSaaS is provided as a service and as such could be treated as an operational expense. Our customers will receive fully conditioned, uninterruptible power at a fixed kWh price. With Active Power, we are extending the existing ‘Everything-as-a Service (XaaS)’ concept beyond software and platform solutions.”

“The UPSaaS model makes for a compelling alternative to traditional capital equipment purchases, particularly as operators are challenged to do more with less — less capital and operating spending, less downtime and less carbon emissions,” says Todd Kiehn, vice president, marketing and modular solutions, Active Power. “Burland Energy innovative UPSaaS offering enables customers to deploy our CleanSource® UPS that lowers operating expenses, is 12 times less likely to fail, and has 90 percent less carbon emissions compared to conventional products.”