Boral Drain-N-Dry Lath For Moisture Control

This building envelope product combines a reinforcing lath and a rainscreen that replaces the need for a secondary water resistive barrier.

Boral® USA, a Roswell, GA based manufacturer and supplier of building products and construction materials, has introduced Boral™ Drain-N-Dry™ Lath with Delta-Dry® Technology, a solution for advanced moisture control in the building envelope. Developed with building material manufacturer Cosella-Dörken, Drain-N-Dry Lath™ unifies multiple critical components in a wall system into a single, high-performance product. Drain-N-Dry Lath™ combines a reinforcing lath and a rainscreen that replaces the need for a secondary water resistive barrier, enabling builders to address drainage, drying, and moisture vapor control underneath stone and stucco.

Boral Drain-N-Dry Lath

Designed to be light and easy to handle, the product is available in 150 square foot rolls that allow builders to cover large portions of a wall in a single step, reducing the likelihood of water infiltration through fastener penetrations in the water resistive barrier. Meanwhile, the built-in rainscreen allows moisture to drain and dry, minimizing risk of mold, rot, and potentially expensive structural damage.

The solution also features an integral Alkali Resistant (AR) fiberglass lath, addressing concerns related to rust and corrosion associated with expanded metal lath, and potential alkaline attack associated with coated E-glass fibers. Boral’s AR glass is made with zirconium, a raw material ingredient that yields an alkaline-resistant glass fiber. In a high alkaline environment such as mortar, studies have shown AR glass is preferable to coated E-glass, which can quickly dissolve due to microscopic cracks and irregularities in the coating that may increase over time.

Drain-N-Dry Lath™ can be cut and modified with a utility knife or scissors, moved around a job site, and installed from scaffolding. A fastener band every 6″ ensures a solid connection to the structure and easy visual inspection to verify proper fastener spacing. Its built-in self-furring feature also ensures proper mortar embedment and scratch coat thickness.