A0/A1 Obstruction Light System by Dialight

The A0/A1 Red Controller by Dialight is an LED based Red Obstruction Light System suitable for A0 and A1 FAA tower types and can also be used to mark other structures. These include radio, communication, and meteorological towers, as well as wind turbines. Drawing just under three watts, it enables the use of smaller batteries and panels for a lower overall cost compared to competing systems.

obstruction lightThe A0/A1 Red Controller system operates Vigilant® Low (L-810) and Medium (L-864) Intensity LED obstruction lights. Operation of the lights is configurable and fully monitored. The side markers can be run in steady burn or flashing mode. The flash rate of the lights is also configurable and can be set at 20, 30, or 40 seconds per minute. The lights are ETL verified to the FAA requirements.

Designed for steady burning, the Vigilant Series L-810 Red LED Obstruction Light is used to mark any obstacle that may present a hazard to aircraft navigation. The Vigilant LED Based L-864 is a self-contained unit (no exterior controller) with patented optics for minimal down light / ground scatter. It provides an integrated photocell and GPS synchronized flasher and 6kV of surge protection. Both provide 360° coverage for each flash head. Lighting kits are available for standard towers

The A0/A1 on-board monitoring system measures current flow into the marker lights, triggering a report or alert via contact closure if voltage is out of spec. Each controller can accommodate a maximum of 16 L-810 side markers or eight L-810 markers and one L-864 beacon.

Impact and vibration resistant, the A0/A1 Red Controller can be mounted at the base of the structure for easy installation. It has an operating temperature of -40°F to 131°F with a NEMA 4x outdoor rated enclosure that can be secured with a padlock.

The A0/A1 Red Controller features universal 120V to 240V AC or 24V to 48V DC input, IP66 rated light fixtures, and dry contacts for alarm monitoring/status—photocell alarm, L-810/L-864 light alarms, and operation mode (day/night); infrared light fixtures
 are optional. The obstruction light system is backed by a five year full performance warranty.