Abundant Power’s Portfolio Energy Analytics Module

Users of the Platform can now view energy usage, asset health, and tenant comfort

Abundant Power Group has added a new module to their Platform: the Portfolio Energy Analytics Module. Inspired by the needs expressed by portfolio managers in commercial real estate, this new feature contains energy insights for all buildings in a portfolio and a clear pathway to profitable facility management. Energy Analytics may be used as a stand-alone service, or as a component of Abundant Power’s Performance Analytics suite of services.energy analytics

The Portfolio Energy Module allows managers to identify buildings in their portfolio that may need improvements, additional capital, or further examination. The Module includes several convenient views, such as a Google map view, EUI trends, and comparative charts. Abundant Power’s analysis provides recommendations on where to enact engineering studies, additional sub-metering, or utilize Abundant Power’s Performance Analytics. It also comes with a sophisticated measurement and verification (M&V) capability to analyze the impacts of any improvements.

“Energy Analytics is a fundamental approach towards performance goals for commercial buildings,” said Shannon Smith, CEO and Founder, Abundant Power. “With our Portfolio Energy Module, property managers can compare the performance of their buildings against national, regional, and local benchmark data to know where they stand.”

“The Portfolio Energy Module, and related reports, provide much needed sustainability information to property managers,” said Derek McGarry, Head Building Performance Engineer, Abundant Power. “For example, the Module will automatically update the ENERGY STAR ratings each month across an entire portfolio.”

Property managers of commercial properties deploying the information provided by the Module can achieve even more clarity and insight by upgrading, with seamless integration, to Abundant Power’s full suite of Performance Analytics services. These services provide customers with access to additional analytics and information, including reporting the detailed health of the property’s assets, specific recommendations for improvements, and the tenants’ comfort level.

Performance Analytics also offers specific and actionable recommendations to maximize the performance of equipment, especially during the warranty phase, and zone level insights into a building’s performance. Abundant Power includes a Tenant Comfort Score offering real-time reporting on tenants’ comfort, based on desired and actual temperatures, and helping managers reduce complaints.