AccESS AmpliPHI Energy Storage Solution from SimpliPhi Power

SimpliPhi Power’s AccESS AmpliPHI batteries offer energy storage for emergency use.

SimpliPhi Power manufactures a full line of integrated energy storage systems (ESS) that are ETL Certified to UL 9540 Standards for Safety and can scale from 15.2 kWh to 136 kWh with single, split and three-phase configurations to create a resilient, safe energy storage solution for residential & commercial applications. SimpliPhi’s scalable ESS has also undergone UL 9540A fire safety testing, the industry’s most stringent standard for safety.

AccESS AmpliPHI Energy Storage Solution from SimpliPhi PowerSimpliPhi Power’s AccESS™ with AmpliPHI™ 3.8kWh batteries is a fully integrated and pre-programmed energy storage and management solution with closed-loop communications that self-monitors, keeps the lights on and lowers utility bills daily, creating peace of mind for homeowners and businesses.

The AccESS maximizes PV generation by storing excess power for critical backup, evening hours and daily self-consumption to offset Time-Of-Use rates. Net-Metered customers can add energy storage solutions to existing grid-tied solar systems for standby power or energy arbitrage. Off-grid customers can take advantage of integrated MPPT charge controls to create stand-alone systems for whole-home power and generator optimization with auto start capabilities.

The UL 9540 Certified  and UL 9540A fire-safety tested AccESS AmpliPHI system scales easily to increase energy capacity with the BOSS.6 or BOSS.12 that automatically recalculates, reprograms, and reconfigures inverter settings, creating resilience, energy security, and daily cost savings with 98% efficient, safe, and reliable access to power.

SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures efficient, non-toxic, and enduring energy storage and management systems that utilize lithium ferro phosphate (LFP). Available for the residential, commercial, military and emergency response markets, SimpliPhi energy storage systems are easy to install, require little maintenance and can be fully scalable and customizable to meet facility managers’ energy needs.

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