Access Control for Facility Common Areas

ProdataKey & Dwelo partner to bring perimeter security and common space access to apartment living

ProdataKey (PDK) and Dwelo LLC announced a partnership that will seamlessly integrate PDK’s cloud access control technology into the Dwelo smart apartment platform. Dwelo’s web and mobile software, which currently offers apartment dwellers the ability to control smart devices such as light switches, thermostats, and door deadbolts for their individual units, will be adding features to manage access to common areas of their building or community, such as entry gates, clubhouse, gym, and laundry facilities. These spaces will be secured by PDK’s cloud access control solution,, providing apartment property managers and owners with valuable operational efficiencies.access control

The administrative software interface, not visible to residents, will enable management to easily establish and enforce authorized hours of use for common facilities. An audit trail will report all traffic into the property, including any one-time credentials issued by residents, which can be used to assist in investigations in cases of theft or vandalism. When residents move out, their access to unit, common, and perimeter access is immediately deactivated, eliminating the risks that accompany traditional keys that would otherwise remain in circulation.

Beyond operational efficiencies, residents will be able to unlock perimeter and common doors or gates using the same mobile app they use to control their apartments. In addition, they will have the ability to use their phones or computers to generate temporary, one-time credentials that allow visitors, delivery, and service people to gain access as needed. These features will add to the conveniences afforded to residents living in Dwelo-enabled smart apartments.

Both Dwelo and PDK leverage the power of cloud technology to create scalable, affordable solutions that offer ease of installation for contractors and simple usability for customers. With their combined areas of expertise in home automation and security, together they see an opportunity to serve a large and generally neglected market sector—apartment renters who desire the same smart home technological conveniences as home owners and seek out communities that offer those smart home solutions. The Dwelo/PDK solution is available for both new construction and retrofits. After an initial per-unit installation charge, the system is subscription based, with property managers able to recoup the cost in both efficiencies and enhanced revenue.

“Dwelo is thrilled to be partnering with such an innovative company as PDK. PDK is a technology leader in the electronic access control space, and Dwelo and its customers are already benefiting from their forward-thinking approach to access. The consolidation of smart home control and perimeter and common area access control, in one platform, is a powerful marriage for multifamily property owners. We look forward, with PDK, to crafting more solutions that address the specific needs of these customers,” says Mike Rovito, CEO of Dwelo, LLC.

“PDKs solution has been embraced by customers in the commercial sector for its simple ease of use and platform flexibility. Our wireless and PoE options allow for cost-effective takeover of legacy equipment, while supporting new construction projects with all the benefits derived from leveraging the network. Our mantra, simplicity without compromise, dovetails perfectly with Dwelo’s corporate mission to enhance apartment living through easily accessible IoT technology. Our partnership will bring tangible benefits to all stakeholders involved within the multi-family residential market sector,” says Evan Tree, CEO of ProdataKey.