ACCESSGUARD Security Glazing

Global Security Glazing’s laminated safety glass provides transparent security indoors and out.

ACCESSGARD™ from Global Security Glazing, a Consolidated Glass Holdings Company, is security glazing. This laminated safety glass is constructed using an arrangement of proprietary transparent materials to improve a building’s security, without compromising glass performance benefits and aesthetics. It has been fully tested to ASTM F1233-08 security glazing standards and complies with standard safety glazing codes for all interior and exterior applications.

security glazingACCESSGARD is designed to withstand extensive physical attack in a forced entry scenario, ultimately resisting entry until law enforcement or additional help arrives—up to six minutes and 47 seconds of continued attack with standard ACCESSGARD (5/16″ to 1/2″ thick) and up to 17 minutes with enhanced ACCESSGARD-2118 security glazing. ACCESSGARD-2118 measures 9/16″ thick (.527″ nominal), weighs 4.95 pounds per square-foot, has a maximum size of 60″ x 96″, and offers a U-value of .84, a SHGC of .73, and a light transmission of .82, providing security while optimizing daylight.

security glazingAvailable for monolithic constructions and insulating glass units in new and retrofit applications, ACCESSGARD can be used in most standard doors and framing systems as well as in window and curtain wall systems. It is suitable for use in ground floor areas, entryways, meeting and conference rooms, and other areas where security is a priority.

ACCESSGARD security glazing can also be custom fabricated with low-e coatings, tinted glass, bent glass, silk-screen patterns, and other options to meet performance requirements and aesthetic goals, without compromising safety.


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