Accessory Stack For Inscape Bench

The Accessory Stack from Inscape allows facility managers to personalize, create privacy, collaborate, and support the modern workspace.

Inscape has launched the Accessory Stack for Inscape Bench, a customizable feature for any open office environment. Accessory Stack allows facility managers to personalize, create privacy, collaborate, support, and watch the future of the modern workspace unfold.

modern workspace Inscape Accessory StackAs employees return to the office, continue to work remotely, or work in a hybrid model, every company can create their ideal workspace with Accessory Stack’s dozens of customizable frames and infills that fit their unique needs or brand. Companies can switch the infills as employee needs within the office change, and this flexibility can allow for an increase in focus, an increase in collaboration between coworkers, or more creativity for space personalization.

modern workspace Inscape Accessory Stack“The world has changed, so why shouldn’t we?” said Rick Flotner, Product Design Manager at Inscape. “Accessory Stack is made for the modern and hybrid workspace. Our core belief at Inscape is to create furniture that can change and adapt as you need it to. Accessory Stack allows employees to reimagine and reinvent how to work today and in the future.”

Accessory Stack offers designers a wide variety of customization options to fit any workspace. It is available in two heights, 17” or 21”, with dozens of frame color options and various infill choices such as glass, fabric, perforated metal (pegboard), or tack. The desking system offers even more options for versatility, working seamlessly with planter boxes, transaction tops, bunker storage, hip stashes, and more.

Existing Inscape Bench frames seamlessly integrate with Accessory Stack, and Accessory Stack works alongside most existing Bench accessories. The Inscape Bench is a customizable, scalable desking system that addresses the needs of today’s office. Working in tandem with Inscape Bench, Accessory Stack celebrates the core values of Inscape: affordable, stylish, and durable products built for the office of tomorrow.

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