Accruent, Tridium Collaboration Enhances IoT Facilities Management Solutions

The new strategic alliance will deliver enterprise customers greater value through the combination of Tridium's expertise in building automation and Accruent's vx Observe IoT asset monitoring solution.

Accruent, the world’s leading provider of physical resource management solutions, and Tridium, a global leader in business application frameworks, have established a new strategic alliance designed to deliver enterprise customers greater value through the combination of Tridium’s expertise in building automation and Accruent’s vx Observe IoT asset monitoring solution.

building automationAccording to IDC, 90% of the data created worldwide is “unstructured” data. With the flood of data produced by connected equipment and building automation devices, companies are challenged to make sense of it all. They need to acquire, normalize and correlate input from as many relevant sources as possible, then be presented with meaningful and actionable insight that drives informed decision making. This process requires the ability to extract high-value data from assets, to deliver that data to the analytics engine, and to communicate controls and other instructions back to the device.

Tridium’s Niagara Framework® is a universal multi-protocol integration engine that enables applications to seamlessly aggregate data from a wide variety of systems and equipment. Operational technology (OT) experts seeking open-protocol interoperability have converged around the Niagara JACE hardware/software solution offered by Tridium’s many OEM and integration service partners in the building automation business. Recently, Tridium has forged partnerships to port the Niagara Framework® to non-JACE devices designed for other uses and industries.

Niagara is a natural match for Accruent’s applications that utilize real-time data to help organizations such as retailers, universities, and hospitals transition from reactive asset maintenance to predictive maintenance and perform system-wide asset control actions. Accruent has developed its own driver for the Niagara Framework® which will be jointly marketed as part of this new business development relationship. The alliance between Accruent and Tridium will focus on enhanced functionality and co-marketing of Accruent solutions leveraging Tridium’s Niagara Framework®, which is approaching one million instances worldwide.

“Strategic partnerships have allowed Tridium to build the largest community of systems integrators and app developers dedicated to operational technology in existence today,” said Ken Schmidt, Tridium Global V.P. of Sales. “This new alliance with Accruent, a leading cloud-based software company, marks yet another type of partnership that will accelerate growth in Niagara Framework deployments around the world, strengthening our market position and ability to invest in the performance, reliability and security of Niagara.”

“An immediate benefit of Accruent’s new alliance with Tridium is our instant ability to connect to hundreds of different device types already proven to interoperate through their Niagara Framework,” said Jim Peterson, SVP Partnerships and Emerging Markets at Accruent. “Accruent has always been device-agnostic in order to serve the broadest array of customers and use cases. For companies that are struggling with the issues of connectivity and data inoperability, this strategic alliance between Accruent and Tridium helps us remove that burden.”

Based on this non-exclusive partnership agreement, Accruent and Tridium will collaborate to bring new solutions to market and to cross-pollinate their sales channels. Tridium’s network of 2,000+ resellers and integrators will now have the potential to become authorized Accruent partners, enabling them to provide Accruent’s IoT asset management software to customers across the broad range of industries they serve.