Accu-CT® Series of Current Transformers From Continental Control Systems

The ACT Series of high-accuracy split-core current transformers are now UL Certified to meet the new 2017 National Electrical Safety Code requirement.

The ACT series of high-accuracy split-core current transformers (CTs) from Continental Control Systems are now certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet the new 2017 NEC code requirement that CTs installed in the field must be UL 2808 Listed. Until recently, almost all CTs used with electric submeters were certified as “Recognized” not as “Listed” components.

current transformersThe UL 2808 CT safety standard was released in 2012 under category code XOBA. The standard covers opentype, “split-core” current transformers. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee responsible for maintaining the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), approved an amendment REQUIRING UL Listed NOT UL Recognized CTs. This amendment requires that field installed CTs used to measure current on the service entrance or branch circuit conductors within panel boards, switchboards, industrial control equipment, and energy-monitoring/management equipment, must be UL 2808 (XOBA) compliant.

The ACT family of high-accuracy split-core current transformers are now all certified by UL to meet the XOBA standard. The newest ACT model, the ACT-1250 Series, has been compliant since its release, and the older UL Recognized ACT-0750 Series, has recently been upgraded and approved as a UL 2808 Listed CT. The new ACTL-0750 version is outwardly form, fit and function identical except for the change to 18 AWG lead wires, as required by UL 2808. In addition, there is additional internal insulation, and the blue plastic enclosure has a higher temperature rating. The original ACT-0750 version has been phased out, replaced by the compliant ACTL-0750, the ACT-1250 will be renamed the ACTL-1250, with no other changes to the CT.

“It is the intent of Continental Control Systems to offer a complete line of UL Listed, XOBA 2808 certified current transformers by the end of the year – well before the UL Listed requirement becomes mandatory and enforceable,” said Cynthia A. Boyd, Director of Sales and Marketing for Continental Control Systems, LLC. “The certification of the ACT family is a major step towards this UL compliance for all of our current transformers.”

The Patented Accu-CT split-core current transformer technology delivers exceptional linearity and low-end accuracy. Developed specifically for solar inverter, variable speed motor drive, and other applications where there are large variations in current. The 100:1 turn down ratio of Accu-CTs is ten times better than industry standard CTs. The unique one-handed opening and closing mechanism makes installation a snap. Accu-CTs are available in both standard and revenue grade accuracy models. Revenue grade models ship with a serialized certificate of calibration.