Acoustical Privacy Curtain

The HUSH Curtain® from Construction Specialties & Chinook Acoustics helps absorb and block sound, promoting the health and well-being of patients.

Construction Specialties (CS), a manufacturer of commercial building products, has partnered with Chinook Acoustics to manufacture and distribute the HUSH Curtain. This privacy curtain solution for hospital and medical bed bays promotes a quieter environment for healing and recovery.

The HUSH Curtain provides privacy by incorporating proprietary acoustical panels that help absorb and block sound. This patented design softens and muffles noise by slowing the reflective velocity within a space.

Research shows that the ability to absorb acoustical energy increases speech intelligibility between a doctor and patient. This also increases the privacy of the conversation because it reduces the overall noise environment as well as absorb noise between stations.

Reverberation time (RT60), which is expressed in seconds, is the duration required for the sound pressure level in a room to decay by 60 decibels (dB) after the sound generation has ceased. Excessive reverberation times are shown to impact communication and the overall acoustic characteristics within a room.

privacy curtain“Tested by third-party scientists, the HUSH Curtain, when installed, showed a 70% improvement in reverberation time,” said Jason Ellis, General Manager at Construction Specialties.

Reducing unnecessary noise can improve a patient’s perception of their environment, which, in turn, may improve HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) satisfaction scores. The HUSH Curtain is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant under the standard privacy rule that encourages the promotion of quieter staff/patient communications.

Available in various fabric and track options, the HUSH Curtain meets both functional and aesthetic requirements, and even works with existing track. Fabric choices include vinyl-coated Clean-in-Place™, in which the acoustical panels are sewn in and curtains do not need to be removed to be cleaned, reducing laundering time and costs, or traditional fabric, which houses the acoustical panels in built-in pockets that allow for easy removal of the panels prior to laundering. Antimicrobial and water repellent options are also available.

privacy curtainThe privacy curtain top can be zip top mesh, traditional mesh, On The Right Track® with mesh, bead chain or PVC drop, or no mesh. On The Right Track features functionally designed curtain rings integrated into the curtain fabric and designed to mount directly on to the straight or radiused track. Hospital staff can use the unique Grabber Bar tool for fast and quiet curtain changes. The system is suitable for new construction or existing facilities.

All Clean-In-Place curtains include zip top mesh and are available in 10 color options (e.g., Light Blue, Seagrass, Mint, Mauve). Non-acoustical cubicle curtains are also available in the Clean-In-Place vinyl.

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