Acrylic Block Rolling Privacy Panels

Hy-Lite responds to social distancing needs with architectural-grade acrylic blocks

To support social distancing in medical, workplace, and commercial spaces, Hy-Lite introduced a line of Acrylic Block Rolling Privacy Panels. The portable privacy panels are made of architectural-grade acrylic blocks that allow light to flow through, while protecting privacy. The panels can be sanitized, making them suitable for a variety of businesses working to reopen under social distancing restrictions.rolling privacy panels

“The acrylic block panels may be easily sanitized with bleach, hydrogen peroxide (up to 40%), soap and water, or isopropyl alcohol (up to 30%),” says Steve Beck, plant/technical manager with Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. “This means that these rolling panels can be cleaned and reused over and over to provide a safe, sanitized barrier from germs.”

The lightweight, movable panels are suitable for settings that require safe distancing of people. For the medical industry, the panels can be particularly helpful in hospital waiting rooms, emergency rooms, and doctor offices.

The rolling privacy panels are made of 1½” thick acrylic blocks featuring an air gap in the center of each 8″ x 8″ block. Block styles available include Wave, Glacier, and Cross Rib.

Each block comes secured in a white or bronze vinyl frame that is 2-3/8″ thick. The panel of acrylic blocks is then secured to a heavy-duty welded metal black base created in an H-shape. The base features a set of four casters, each with a locking mechanism to ensure the panel remains in place until moving is desired. If a permanent or semi-permanent barrier is preferred, these panels may be ordered without wheels or the H-base.

rolling privacy panels“Our manufacturing team can also create these panels without wheels or the base if a permanent or semi-permanent barrier is needed,” says Beck. “These panels are being created to fit the social distancing needs of both fluid situations and more permanent ones.”

Almost 40 different sized Acrylic Block Rolling Privacy Panels can be purchased from the Hy-Lite online store. Sizes range from 42″ to 58″ in width, and from 71.5″ to 79.5″ in height.

“We’ve created these rolling panels to fit specific sanitary demands related to COVID-19,” says Beck. “Local health professionals tell us that in some locations fabric dividers cannot be used between beds in emergency rooms. That’s because they cannot be kept sterile.” “The components of the Acrylic Block Rolling Privacy Panels are highly conducive to sterilization. They can be quickly and thoroughly sanitized, helping reduce the risk of germ transference.”

The panels can also separate office workers, diners, salon stations, computer labs, locker rooms, and other activities. As an added bonus, the durable acrylic panels also help reduce noise levels.

The acrylic blocks, panel and frame are all made in the U.S., and the units are assembled and shipped out of the Hy-Lite headquarters in Pensacola, Florida. All Acrylic Block Rolling Privacy Panels meet the requirements for ANSI Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201, Standards for Safety Glazing.


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