Advanced Storage Fire Protection

An electronic sprinkler system provides enhanced fire protection to support your business needs and future proof your facility for the needs of tomorrow.

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Lower your warehouse’s fire risk profile (and potentially your insurance premiums) with a fire sprinkler system designed for higher hazards. How? An electronically activated sprinkler system reduces potential for direct and indirect property damage, as well as loss of downtime due to fire. The system helps mitigate the severity of a fire by detecting the fire ignition location and activating only the sprinklers required to suppress the fire. Addressing fires sooner with earlier detection reduces both the fire damage and the amount of water discharged. Sprinklers outside the fire ring will not activate, preventing unnecessary water damage.

sprinkler systemE-commerce has drastically changed the face of warehousing and logistics. As shoppers increasingly turn to the Internet, modern warehousing and logistics have been pressured to keep pace with consumers’ rapidly evolving expectations. At the same time, a shift toward different packaging materials can create increased challenges that may not be immediately recognized.

The plastic content in products we consume today continues to grow along with increased plastic content in the packaging materials used to transport and store these products. This presents a challenge: existing warehouses were likely not designed for these commodities. Consider the difference between cardboard boxes on a wood pallet and clamshell packaging on a plastic pallet. The cardboard and wood readily absorb water (helping to prevent a fire from spreading further), but the plastic can become a fuel source if inadequately protected.

Keeping a fire protection system up to code can often be an afterthought as companies evolve their existing facilities or make plans to build new ones. This can result in unexpected costs down the road or, in the event of a fire, extensive property loss and significant interruption to business operations. When upgrading a facility, an electronically activated sprinkler system could prove to be more cost-effective than a traditional sprinkler system, as well as more efficient in fighting a fire, minimizing potential damage and property loss.

sprinkler systemAs facilities are upgraded and new ones are built to store products that present higher fire risk, traditional sprinkler solutions will require a greater amount of water to suppress a fire, which will, in turn, require expensive fire pumps and tanks to support this demand. In retrofit scenarios, a piping infrastructure upgrade may be required to support the system’s higher water demand. An electronically activated fire sprinkler system allows for easier upgrades as the sprinklers uses the same thread size compatible with piping infrastructure found in older warehouses.

From a total cost of ownership standpoint, existing solutions may not only be higher in cost but may also limit operational flexibility. The electronic sprinkler system provides enhanced fire protection to support your business needs and future proof your facility for the needs of tomorrow.

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