Advantech, Veridify Security Offer Device-Level Cybersecurity Solution

Utilizing this cybersecurity technology will help eliminate vulnerabilities in building management systems.

Advantech and Veridify Security announced the release of an innovative device-level cybersecurity solution for new and existing building networks. Supported by the latest in Intel CPU technology, the end-to-end Advantech and Veridify Security solution will be available through Arrow Electronics.

Addressing growing cybersecurity concerns in connected buildings and management systems, Veridify Security and Advantech worked with Arrow Electronics to design a combined, Zero Tust solution based on Veridify’s DOME™ platform. The new end-to-end solution utilizes Advantech devices with Intel CPU technology to protect and monitor new and existing building systems.

Buildings are becoming smarter and more efficient by connecting building systems, controls, and sensors to IT networks. With more intelligent, connected building systems, operational technology and iInformation Technology systems have a rising convergence.

DOME is a complete SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that delivers Zero Trust and real-time cybersecurity protection. The DOME system builds a secure tunnel over the existing building network, authenticates all connected devices, and encrypts data and commands, creating a trusted environment for building devices running various aspects of building systems.

A key element of Veridify’s cybersecurity solution is its DOME Sentry, a standalone hardware device placed at the edge of a building network to protect an installed device or system. In addition to the DOME Sentry, Veridify’s DOME Interface Appliance (DIA) manages all onboarding, security credentials, and data logging within a building or campus.

The full DOME solution protects a building’s management system right to the edge using existing network protocols, such as BACnet. The system provides zero-touch onboarding to reduce time and errors from manual provisioning; a block chain pedigree helps ensure only authorized controllers and other devices at the edge can issue commands; and a low-cost security gateway used to retrofit security for existing, deployed devices. It is also crypto agile, supporting legacy and quantum-resistant security and safeguarding customers’ investments with long lifecycle protection.

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