AGF Auxiliary Drain Flood Eliminator

Model 5900FE stops flooding caused by drum drips and low-point drain breaks due to freezing, improper maintenance, or vandalism

The Model 5900 Flood Eliminator (FE) from AGF Manufacturing is an attachment that prevents broken auxiliary drains from flooding a facility. It is designed to allow condensate water to collect normally in a standard drum drip. If presented with the pressurized flow that would result from a failed drum drip, it automatically trips to cut off that flow, eliminating the flooding and damage that would result from the system’s failure. The Flood Eliminator can be pre-assembled to AGF’s COLLECTANDRAIN auxiliary drains or retrofitted to existing auxiliary drains.Flood Eliminator

Auxiliary Drains (also called low-point drains or drum drips) are required for each section of trapped pipe in a dry or pre-action fire protection system. They collect the moisture that condensates from the pressurized air in the system while minimizing loss of air pressure during maintenance. Dry and pre-action fire protection systems need to be maintained by emptying the auxiliary drains that collect water. COLLECTanDRAIN auxiliary drains prevent system trips from improper maintenance or vandalism and with regular maintenance, help prevent system breakdowns as a result of freeze-ups.

The patent pending Model 5900FE is designed to be installed above the top valve of a typical auxiliary drain assembly and is housed in a 3.5″ brass body with a 1″ female NPT inlet and a 1″ male NPT outlet. If the drain below a Flood Eliminator fails, the dry valve will open, resulting in a pressurized water entering the system flowing towards the break. When this high velocity pressurized flow reaches the specially engineered internal mechanism of the Flood Eliminator, it will shut down the flow and stop the flooding.

The Flood Eliminator does not require power and will automatically reset when the system is reset. It is compatible with dry and pre-action systems using standard compressed air or nitrogen.


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