Watch Now! AI In Facilities Management: Challenges & Opportunities

View this free video webinar and find out why AI is coming for the facilities management industry, and how you can use and control it.

AI in Facilities Management


AI In Facilities Management: Challenges & Opportunities

Does the thought of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in facilities management seem like too much of a change? Change can be tough, but a reluctance to shift keeps you from taking advantage of new ideas and improvements.

AI is already making facilities management easier, and it’s poised to do even more in the coming months. Missing the boat on AI will only make things tougher for your team down the road.

This thought-provoking discussion will highlight what facility management professionals need to consider when approaching AI – whether you’re afraid of it or excited by it.

Phil Miller with the Ohio Statehouse will share a facility operations perspective on how FM teams can leverage AI. Josh Lowe with AkitaBox will share how technology companies are incorporating AI into their FM tools.

Watch this free video webinar to:

  • Discover why AI is coming for the facilities management industry
  • Develop an approach to AI that enables you to use it, but also control it
  • Explore how AI helps with data collection, threat assessments, and other real-world FM scenarios

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