Aidoc Enhances X-Ray AI Offering

The company aims to expand the use of AI with health systems and improve x-ray imaging efficiency with new partnership.

Aidoc is partnering with Gleamer, a French medtech company exploring the use of AI technology in the practice of radiology, to integrate Gleamer’s BoneView solution for X-ray. This partnership expands Aidoc’s venture into the X-ray modality with a recent FDA-clearance for triage and notification of pneumothoraces.

AI technology
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With the new integration, Aidoc’s AI platform now offers clinicians a tool for assisting in the identification and localization of fractures in limbs, pelvis, thoracic and lumbar spine and rib cage in X-ray images, solidifying Aidoc’s foray into the X-ray.

Gleamer’s AI solutions have been clinically demonstrated to help reduce the reading time of appendicular X-rays, while also increasing the sensitivity and specificity of radiologist interpretations of appendicular fractures by 8.7% and 4.1%, respectively.

“Considering that bone trauma X-rays account for a high percentage of hospital imaging volume, the integration of Gleamer’s solution is an important step in our mission to provide comprehensive coverage with AI,” said Tom Valent, Vice President of Business Development at Aidoc.

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