Airius Launches DeltaT Line Of Controllers

Dynamic fan controllers empower building owners and facilities managers with complete control of stratification and building comfort.

ControllersAirius announced the release of its new line of DeltaT controllers.

The new destratification fan controllers continuously and gently mix the air to balance temperatures and increase occupant comfort. Utilizing an autotransformer to eliminate the hum often associated with TRIAC-type controls, the DeltaT line allows for six modes of quiet speed control. The new controllers are easy to configure and install, with no software needed, enabling building owners and facility managers to monitor their Airius fan system, reduce their energy consumption and improve the comfort of their buildings.

The new DeltaT line of controllers’ modes of operation include the following:

• Automatic Delta T control — Automatic dynamic fan speed control based on the temperature differential between the supplied sensors. Users can define and adjust the minimum and maximum speeds and set speeds at various intervals.
• Manual control — Up and down arrows on the interface will override any automatic control modes for eight manual speed steps.
• 24-hour timer — Set fans to turn on and off at a set time every day.
• Humidistat control — When relative humidity reaches a user-defined threshold, the fans energize to a set speed defined by the user.
• Thermostat control — When the air temperature reaches a user-defined threshold, the fans energize to a set speed defined by the user.
• Direct Digital control — With 0-10VDC control input, the line of controllers can control fan speeds across eight speed steps.

Each package of DeltaT controllers includes the transformer control box, LED interface and two temperature/humidity sensors. Two versions of the speed control package are available for use with either AC (120-volt or 230/277V) or EC motors.

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