Airthings Debuts Space Nano IP64-Rated Monitoring Device

The Space Nano is an IP64-rated device capable of monitoring humidity, temperature, pressure, mold risk, and lux, both indoors and outdoors.


Airthings's IP64-Rated Space Nano Monitoring Device
Airthings’s IP64-Rated Space Nano Monitoring Device

Airthings expanded its Airthings for Business portfolio with the Space Nano, an IP64-rated device capable of monitoring humidity, temperature, pressure and lux, (a camera-free light level sensor), both indoors and outdoors. The device also has a virtual Mold Risk Indicator, and it offers expanded opportunity to monitor hard-to-reach and less-accessible spaces within buildings. 

The Space Nano comes in a two-pack with a battery life expectation of up-to-20 years, and is designed for discreet monitoring in remote, unoccupied spaces including storage rooms, ducts, air handling units, technical rooms, crawl spaces, and attics. The device works with the Space Hub to connect seamlessly with its cloud-based dashboard and APIs for remote, live monitoring, and updates. The product was designed with the idea of installing and forgetting about it, allowing it to alert users when needed.

In order to withstand the elements consistent with various monitoring locales, the Space Nano has been made with IP64 grade design, while providing live data every five minutes (2.5 minute interval optional) and lasting up-to-20 years on two AA batteries. The IP64 protection grade, together with its wide operating range (-30 to 60 C temperature and 5-99% humidity), allows the product to be placed outdoors, in basements, and other rough environments.

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