Airthings Launches New Space Utilization Tool

The Space Utilization tool by Airthings puts privacy first by using presence and occupancy feature, as well as create efficient space usage.

AirthingsAirthings announced the latest addition to its award-winning Airthings for Business Solution: Space Utilization. This new feature measures occupancy and space usage in buildings while prioritizing privacy. As the first-ever indoor air quality monitoring tool with occupancy detection, the Space Utilization feature allows building managers to make data-driven decisions that maximize building usage efficiency and reduce costs.

Airthings’ Space Utilization has no “eye in the sky,” meaning that employees, occupants, and students won’t have to worry about any intrusive monitoring or feel like their privacy is being violated, because the Space Utilization feature is capable of detecting presence and occupancy without the use of any cameras.

Additionally, with Space Utilization, decision-makers can optimize the health and efficiency of their buildings by understanding how they are being used on a more detailed level, reflecting actual human behavior. Managers can identify underutilized areas such as meeting rooms and social zones, and reallocate space efficiently, leading to better usage of space. This can also address bottlenecks, resulting in increased productivity, smoother operations, and fewer potential safety risks. In turn, these changes can then help reduce energy consumption in unused areas by reprogramming HVAC systems to operate on a schedule that matches room usage, shutting off in areas that are known to be empty at certain times—leading to significant energy savings and cost reduction. Finally, monitoring occupancy and ventilation can optimize indoor air quality, creating a more comfortable, functional environment for all.

The Space Utilization feature is available on the Airthing for Business dashboard and can be accessed at no additional cost by anyone with an Airthings for Business account.

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