Alfa Laval Publishes Pump Handbook

The free Pump Handbook contains information on basic pump functionality, in-depth guidelines for sizing and selecting the right pump type.

Alfa Laval Publishes Pump Handbook
Alfa Laval Publishes Pump Handbook

Alfa Laval just published an updated edition of the company’s renowned Pump Handbook. The 375-page handbook is free and contains scholarly information on basic pump functionality and in-depth guidelines for sizing and selecting the right pump type for optimum efficiency. The handbook is packed with real-life examples to increase its user-friendliness.

The first edition of the Alfa Laval Pump Handbook was published 25 years ago and became part of the syllabus at many engineering schools around the world. The book also found its way into manufacturing sites, serving as a reference work to technicians in the daily operation of fluid handling processes.

Up-To-Date On Pump Technology

Over the years, the handbook has gone through minor revisions, and in 2023, a major overhaul was undertaken to make the handbook up-to-date on the most recent technologies.

The authors of the book are all experienced pump engineers with extensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience from pump installations and training of technical staff in fluid handling industries.

Available Online

The Pump Handbook is free and available online. It contains a series of videos on for instance pump functionality, troubleshooting and maintenance guidelines.

The main chapters of the handbook comprise:

  • Basic theory on pumping applications
  • Pump types for different applications
  • Pump sizing for maximum efficiency
  • Pump specification
  • Pump motors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical data and formulas
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