ALICE 4x Enhances Visitor Management

WinTech, LLC Launches Enhanced ALICE® Receptionist Version 4x Software

WinTech, LLC released ALICE Receptionist version 4x, an updated visitor management solution. The enhanced software introduces a number of security-related features that assist organizations in addressing the growing concerns surrounding employee safety, all while providing automated processes that securely manage visitors who enter the buildings.visitor management

ALICE Receptionist is an advanced visitor management technology that processes visitors into buildings while helping keep employees safe from outside threats. It uses leading-edge technology such as motion detection, ID scanning, image capture, visitor screening, visitor registration, employee notifications, interactive information, and voice and video over IP communications. When guests check in, notifications can be sent to employees via text/e-mail or when visitors use the employee directory employees can receive video calls on their PC or a phone call to their desk or mobile phone.

ALICE Receptionist provides powerful, easy to use visitor registration and visitor induction screens, including self-check-in/checkout registration, group check-in, visitor badges, and pre-schedule visitors. The visitor management solution also provides on-site or remote video monitoring and surveillance features, as well as reports about visitor activity.

The ALICE Receptionist version 4x software update introduces Fast Track check-in, driver’s license scanning and validation, and screening of visitors against various databases, such as the U.S. Consolidated Screening List.

“While previous editions of ALICE Receptionist included visitor check-in functionality, the 4x release introduces features that are a direct result of security concerns that managers of corporate and government buildings are struggling to address,” said WinTech CEO Mike Yoder. “ALICE Receptionist 4x allows organizations to implement a more rigorous visitor policy to automate the validation of the visitors and notify employees when a visitor who’s checking in is found on a specific screening database.”

ALICE provides the ability for interactive information. Just about any type of content can be presented, and since the ALICE screens are touchscreens, visitors and guests can fully interact with the content which includes maps, calendars/events, directories, websites, local weather, local transportation information, videos, images, and welcome messages.

Communications can be provided by the ALICE Cloud service or ALICE can use an existing on premise communications server. ALICE Cloud is a hosted cloud communication service which is included at every ALICE subscription level at no additional cost. If a company has a SIP based Voice over IP phone (VoIP) system such as Cisco, Avaya, or Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business, ALICE can easily route all calls through the existing communications system.