Allegion & Open Options Security

DNA Fusion and ENGAGE IP Gateway integration offer enhanced, integrated wireless security solution

Allegion US™, a provider of security products and solutions, and Open Options, a global access control solutions company, integrated the ENGAGE™ IP Gateway with DNA Fusion software to expand their offering of scalable security solutions.Allegion

The ENGAGE Gateway provides the ability to leverage existing IP-based infrastructure for maximum efficiency. Ethernet connectivity provides the ability to connect to the network for real-time access control directly from an in- or out-of-network host to an edge device. To further simplify installation, the Gateway can be powered over ethernet (PoE), removing the need for separate power supplies or wiring. The ENGAGE Gateway performs regular, frequent communication between the Gateway and linked ENGAGE enabled devices. The Gateway is able to send commands such as lock, unlock, and lock down from an IP host in real-time. Commands are executed in less than five seconds. As an Internet of Things (IoT) device, the Gateway leverages network security practices, including AES-256 bit and TLS encryption to provide customers with secure, dependable experiences.

These secure communication protocols, in addition to real-time communication between devices, help to ensure the end user’s facility security is constantly monitored and allows access events to be addressed immediately. This solution also minimizes traditional hardware infrastructure, which provides the end user a smaller security footprint and cost savings.

“Open Options is dedicated to providing open platform solutions, which is why we continually work with leading security providers to develop integrations that give end users a choice in their access control products,” said Ben Vestal, vice president of sales and business development at Open Options. “We’re excited to join with Allegion in offering our end users an opportunity to further enhance their security by utilizing real-time connectivity between their electronic lock and access control solution.”

DNA Fusion, Open Options’ award-winning open architecture access control software, seamlessly integrates with leading security systems like Schlage’s electronic locks, readers, and credentials. Developed by experts with years of industry experience, DNA Fusion is designed with customer input to ensure it delivers a user-friendly and open access control platform. Other supporting products—visitor management, photo ID, and more—work together to provide a complete security solution.

Numerous Allegion products have a deep integration developed by Open Options. The integration between DNA Fusion and the ENGAGE IP Gateway is the result of requests for additional solutions by the end user. It can leverage an existing IP infrastructure to enable networked access control to doors traditionally ignored.

“What’s great about Open Option’s DNA Fusion software is that it offers a full-scale access control solution that can be tailored to fit each customer’s unique security needs,” said Dewey VanVoorhis, electronics product manager at Allegion. “This integration offers end users yet another solution to expand security and convenience to more of their doors.”