Allied K-Series High Efficiency Heat Pump

These 2 ton to 10 ton units are flexible and customizable for a variety of applications

The K-Series™ from Allied Commercial is a commercial package rooftop line. It has been expanded with a 2 ton to 10 ton, dual-fuel-capable, high efficiency heat pump unit. Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, the new units deliver high-efficiency performance, with more than 100 different options that can be used to create a rooftop unit for any application.high efficiency heat pump

“Our new K-Series heat pump model now offers more customizable flexibility from 2 tons up to 10 tons,” said Allied’s Lauren Dagostino. “With the growing trend of heat pump demand over traditional electric resistant heating, we wanted to position our product line for future growth. The high efficiency models are a great fit for design builds, aiding in sustainable building and allowing our customers to apply for CEE Tier 1 and Tier 2 utility rebates and incentives.”

The new high efficiency heat pump expands upon the commercial K-Series units currently on the market; units range from two to 25 ton capacities. Optional dual-fuel models enable systems to automatically switch between electric and gas heating, based on which mode is most efficient throughout the day, helping building owners further reduce operating costs. With optional BACnet compatibility, K-Series rooftop packaged units can also integrate seamlessly into a building’s central control system for remote monitoring and adjusting of a building’s heating and cooling. Digital sensors are fully programmable, providing precise monitoring and control, while optional password protection prevents unwanted temperature adjustments.

Single-Zone VAV (Variable Air Volume), a technology that adjusts supply fan speed based on heating and cooling demand, is standard on all high efficiency models. VAV can offer up to 61% power savings over comparable units, and 29% better moisture removal when compared to systems with conventional supply fan motors.

K-Series rooftop units have efficiency ratings up to 16.5 SEER, 14.8 IEER, and 13.0 EER. The Eco-Last™ Coil System uses up to 52% less refrigerant, is up to 59% lighter, and has up to 20% fewer brazed joints than regular rooftop unit coils (standard on all 7.5 to 12.5 ton gas/electric and electric/electric models; heat pump models use tube and fin coils).

K-Series rooftop units include a 15 year limited warranty on the stainless steel gas heat exchanger, a 10 year limited warranty on the aluminized gas heat exchanger, a five year limited warranty on the compressor, a three year limited warranty on the Eco-Last coil system, and a one year limited warranty on all covered components.