Allsteel Introduces Mural

The Mural modular furnishing system is an adaptive solution for the evolving needs of the contemporary workplace.

Allsteel, Inc. introduced Mural, a new modular furnishings system designed by MASHstudios to transform the static office into an adaptive office. As both internal and external influences shape the relationship between team members and their tasking environments, Mural’s moveable base structure and flexible kit-of-parts allows the workplace layout to re-form, keeping pace with workers’ shifting needs and expectations.

Mural’s choice-inspired flexibility allows designers to plan distinct neighborhoods within the office floorplate, supporting both individual and social zones. An innovative flex-connector allows spaces to re-form, flex, and reconfigure as needed. With components for solo workstations, collaborative meeting places, huddle spaces, and reflection areas, Mural allows organizations to tailor environments to both the unique working style of the individual and the organization’s daily objectives.

MASHstudios’s multidisciplinary approach is evident in Mural’s ability both to serve as interior architecture and to facilitate individual relationships between workers and their physical environment. Inspired by the way many unique neighborhoods contribute to a city’s cohesive identity, Mural’s range of privacy screen materials allows companies to visually communicate their brand, while height-adjustable surfaces respond to individual preferences for posture, and ease of reconfiguration empowers teams to own and personalize their space. Mural’s built-in features also include marker boards, tackable boards, and open shelving to offer a user-friendly vibe and scale that anticipates a range of functional needs. Whether the office culture is refined and sophisticated, fun and playful, or edgy and progressive, Mural sets the desired tone.

As many people recognize the importance of the physical workplace to social well-being, sympathetic environments have become an essential part of the holistic approach to workplace health. Mural acknowledges that team members bring their full selves to the office, and require solutions that can respond to their array of needs, transforming the workplace from a purely functional boundary to a place for living and working well. Mural, as its name suggests, provides a responsive canvas for the many large- and small-scale design expressions that the modern workforce needs.

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