Allsteel Logger Sofa To North American Offerings

Allsteel partnered with Corral USA to create the comfortable and spacious Logger Sofa for commercial spaces.

Allsteel, Inc. and Corral USA’s announced the craft-focused brand’s Logger sofa. Comfortable and spacious, the Logger sofa and lounge seating collection complements task furnishings in contemporary workplaces while simultaneously providing an eye-catching centerpiece to anchor other design elements and reflect an organization’s modern, imaginative outlook.

A modular collection, Logger empowers designers to establish creative spatial divisions while offering team members a dual-sided perch for conversation, comfort, and casual social interactions. The organic shapes of these spontaneous seats inspired Logger’s design, bringing the spirit and laid-back sensibility of outdoor inspiration to workplace interiors.

The Logger collection is intentionally flexible and customizable to allow designers to craft bespoke solutions for any setting or environment. Logger modules can stand solo or be combined to wiggle and wind through open areas, providing a seating solution that can be approached and engaged with from any angle. This multi-directional functionality makes Logger ideal for the popular open floorplates of contemporary workplaces, where architectural furnishings are needed to shape distinct environments without restricting traffic, inhibiting spatial flexibility, or interrupting sightlines. With six different styles and an extensive array of colors, Logger’s design possibilities are endless, comprising everything from standard sofa or lounge settings to circular shapes to serpentine seating arrangements. The components of the Logger collection include 36” and 72” straight lounge sections, 60° convex or concave curved lounges, and 90° convex or concave curved lounges to refine and define space.

Allsteel, Inc. has been proud to bring Corral USA’s modern, artisanally-inspired designs to North America’s contract environments. The addition of the Logger collection to Allsteel’s distribution portfolio will infuse workplaces with an emotional connection to natural craftsmanship that is sure to inspire ease and creativity.

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